Acts of Reda Khalifah

Who is Reda? My mom, of course! Why is this post dedicated to her? Because of a dream I had that was full of quotes from her. I don’t remember a lot of exact quotes but here are some that are the best representation of some of our conversations. Reda Khalifah on God: “God isContinue reading “Acts of Reda Khalifah”

Gods Voice Versus Corrupted Intuition

First, to follow the voice of God is to follow your own intuition. BUT some people have bad intuition and that is not the voice of God. Do you follow me so far. Having bad intuition – or as I like to call it corrupted intuition – is something that happens to a person duringContinue reading “Gods Voice Versus Corrupted Intuition”

Are You Gods Favorite Child?

Right up front, it sounds arrogant to claim to be God’s favorite human. As I prayed with my son Legendary one night, I told him that he was one of Gods favorite children. And then I had a faint thought that maybe something was wrong with me saying that. But you know what, there’s nothingContinue reading “Are You Gods Favorite Child?”

The Angels Are Ready! – Archangel Raphael!

It is time to talk about a very powerful angel, Archangel Raphael! The angels are ready to assist the humans that follow God’s Will. Archangel Raphael is the first angel that came to me in a physical “that’s an angel” way. LOL After I saw him, I had a vivid dream that fully opened theContinue reading “The Angels Are Ready! – Archangel Raphael!”