“What You Water, Grows”

Cool phrase. It one of those simple things that helps to put life into perspective.

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Cake Batter Vegan Protein Drink Review

One thing that a plant-based eater such as myself craves from the dairy side of things is the flavor of protein powder.

Maybe that’s a little weird? Sometimes I just have a craving for it!

The chalky taste is so good to me sometimes LOL but I don’t drink them because I find dairy to be somewhat dehydrating.

But, I was in Whole Foods looking for a cold and cool looking drink. This looked to fit the bill!

Would I finally taste a satisfying vegan protein drink?

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Feedback Requested!

Do you like this new layout?

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Is It Wrong To Ask a Friend For A Discount?

Talking about friends who have a business and set their own prices!

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Are You Above A Boxed Cake Mix?

To answer the title question: No, I am not.

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New Vegan Stuff At Local Walmart

“New” is a relative term. If you live in a location with a big vegan population them I’m sure that you’ve seen these many times already.

But me, a lady living in the country, I don’t get to see new foods unless I go to the expensive store. or, if I go grocery shopping miles away.

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