Primal Strips Vegan Jerky

So here we go. As a lifelong plant-based gal, I’ve never had meat jerky before. Nope. Not even a Slim Jim.

When I get the “I want something meaty” craving, I’ll probably eat something like a veggie burger straight with no bread or whatever. Vegan jerky definitely has its appeals.

I was at a vegan festival and received this vegan jerky as a free sample. At first the man behind the table was only going to give me one to try but when I told him I do reviews on my website, he loosened up and gave me both!

And I’m so glad he did. Because these 2 Primal Strips gave me 2 vastly different experiences.

One – the Hickory Smoked flavor- was made with soy protein as the number one ingredient.

The other flavor – Mesquite Lime – was made with vital wheat gluten as (in the form of seitan) as the main ingredient.

I have to say, soy is the best protein for this type of product.

The Hickory Smoked Primal Strip had a pleasantly chewy mouth feel. It was meaty and satisfying. The flavor, too, was really pleasant. It was sweet and smoky. I really enjoyed this.

The only thing that would prevent me from buying this one again would be the three different types of soy used to produce this.

Now moving onto the Mesquite Lime flavor, I have to say that I don’t really like it.

The flavor does have a slight tang. It could be okay.
But, it’s not the flavor that’s so unpleasant, it’s more the texture.

Actually, it’s all about the texture.

I don’t use the word “cardboard-y” very often but that’s the first that came to my mind when I attempted to chew this.

It’s fibrous and chewy. It’s like, the more you chew it, the more it stays the same. It does not disintegrate. It’s like Mesquite flavored gum almost!

In conclusion: soy jerky is good. Seitan jerky is not good.

Greatness is a Privilege

Of course we all have greatness inside of us.

We have moments that we feel like we’re winning.

Ever feel like you’re on top of the world? Standing on the globe as if everything heavy is beneath you – nothing but space and air on top of and around you.

Feel the lightness of space.

We stand, or sit, or lie, on top of the world every day of our lives.

How many don’t think about or realize it?

It’s a lot going on in life and sometimes there’s just no time to bask in, or even consider, how great you are.

Getting the opportunity to do what makes you feel great is truly an honor. I, personally, do appreciate it.

What is greatness, tho? It’s way more than confidence. Greatness is:

  • How much consistency and effort was put in and,
  • How your great contribution is received.

A lot of great people don’t know they’re great because they disregard their small victories.

Getting a child ready for school every morning is a super great action, especially when there’s more than one child and they have have to go to school 5 out of every 7 days.

There are millions of everyday examples that could be an Easy Light Source for anyone who needed it – if only you recognized what was going on.

When we stand on the Earth, our vantage points let us see around us.

Get lighter and you can go higher – and see more.

Look down & you’ll understand what life is about. And if you look up you can see places that many people don’t get to be.

If you want to get there, the answer is generating enough charge to propel yourself to where you’d like to be.

A personal note? I find that to be the ultimate hope for… Everything.

Guest Post by Cambatta – Real Thoughts From A Creator

Solipsism is the view or theory that The Self is all that can be known to exist.

You can only experience your conscious perspective subjectively, whether you are dreaming or manifesting imagery with your imagination – you perceive this reality only through your eyes.

Because you have the ability to create imagery in your mind just as vivid as you do when you actually experience it in reality, there is no way to definitively prove you didn’t create the observable universe mentally in the first place.

You can recreate the voice, look, movement, smell and feel of a person you haven’t seen in years instantly using your mind.

You can also create objects and people that don’t exist and give them unique characteristics in realistic situations with no effort mentally.

Lucid dreaming, astral projections, and visualizations are all prime examples of you materializing “real” experiences in your head!

You can’t prove you’re not God

and neither can I.

– Cambatta

Energy Cannot Be Destroyed – Explained!

Infinite and tangible information that answers questions of life itself is what dramatically matters. Especially when talking about topics that really matter.

Start here: Think about an object – say, the human body – and then turn on your x-ray vision and look at the cells.

Then go deeper than the cells – imagine the atoms that make it what it is.

Use words for your imagination if it’s hard to picture 🙂 Although if you’re reading this then I’m sure you didn’t need that suggestion!

We all learned and agree : an atom has a proton, neutron, and an electron.

The proton and neutron is amazing because they are the balanced energy that needs to be present for all life to exist.

And then we have that jolt of energy called an electron that starts everything up.

That, my dear reader, is what makes up you and me and everything else on this Planet Earth.

Now, don’t underestimate the solo electron! There is so much power in that baby that it literally creates life.

For another example, think of the atom bomb. Split the right atom and there will be enough power to blow up an island!

Human atoms have a lot of power, too. At the very least, an entire body is powered by human atoms.

While still very small, atoms can go smaller.

To the nucleus!

Actually, not to the nucleus because it will block you out. You can’t get in there and you can’t get rid of it either.

A nucleus:

  • Cannot drown
  • Cannot burn down
  • It cannot freeze to death
  • It cannot die

Our bodies are made of millions of atoms with nuclei that cannot die.


So now when I learned all this, my next question was “What happens to the energy when we die?”

That question is interesting and I’m not going to answer it because there is no answer. That’s for you to decide. Some will see themselves in a heaven with infinite dairy-free ice cream.

I don’t know what your fate will be. There are too many pseudo scientists ready to debate it down the road of “nothing happens” and to them I’d like to say “okay enjoy the bleak fate of your energy.”

One thing I will say without a doubt is that a working relationship with your energy can be found in what you spend a majority of your time doing.

Everyone has a purpose on Earth.

If that’s too controversial, we can all agree that there are things that we like to do in life.

We gotta balance that with the demands of living in this world such as keeping the lights on.

But if you’re realistic at all, you’ll know it is just not natural that some people starve because they’re not able to spend money in FOOD.

Seriously, food literally grows from the Earth but we have to pay for it to live.

Sure the farmers do do all of the hard work.

And yes, growing a garden is super Important.

But as it stands right now we have to balance what we enjoy with what we have to do.

The true balance in this world is something most people don’t get to experience:

It’s having success in following your calling. Successfully following your heart while also having success while living in the matrix.

I’m not talking about the manager of a McDonald’s or even an owner because they still have to come into work a lot.

This is about the innovativor, the inventor!

The Genius who lives life how he wants to because not many people have the grounds to question the choices that person has made.

That sort of following your heart is the ultimate success because when that person follows their heart and instincts, they’re the strongest Stars among us.

Owning that power leads to other types of power that you will be able to handle.

You gotta be able to hold a charge.

Thoughts About Red Bull

Coffee has been a love of mine from as long as I can remember.

But when I tried Red Bull, I feel like key perspectives in my life began to level up.

Red Bull is one of the Original Gangsters of the energy drink industry.

Having been an established company since 1984, it’s is very impressive that they have been able to stay on top of the game consistently for so long.

Looking through the history of their offerings and advertising, I’m pretty sure they’d sell out a master class in “how to evolve with the times.” And that is strictly speaking on their drinks. They’ve had a lot of other successes in the sports world, too!

But, getting back to what inspired this article – it is the formula of their drinks that I am most impressed with.

As you may or may not know, I am continuously on the lookout for a healthy energy drink.

Coffee is dehydrating too. That’s actually the worst part.

I just really like energy drinks. I also like being healthy. Energy drinks don’t exactly have the reputation of being healthy. As a matter of fact, people have died from consuming too many of the drinks in one day. However, that is irresponsible on behalf of the consumer and I don’t think the company has any responsibility on that aspect. After all, common sense would tell you that consuming three 16-oz energy drinks would be a bad idea.

One thing I like about Red Bull is the size of the drinks. Sure they have big canned beverages but it’s the smaller ones that they’re known for and I can appreciate that from a health standpoint (if nothing else).

So as I write this article with my immune system less than strong, I had a Red Bull and the experience was pretty great.

Drinking the Kiwi Apple flavor was a little intense at first because of the carbonation. Although I had muted senses, including wack taste buds. The carbonation also granted me the benefit of being able to taste the flavor.

Basically I can’t taste much flavors at this point so this post is for the rest of the Red Bull experience.

To put it simply: It was great! I got a steady boost of energy that was really balanced. It felt really natural.

Even better was that it didn’t require that I also drink a lot of water to balance it out.

I really, really enjoyed the Red Bull that I had today.

They are the old reliable for a reason. They’re the best!

Okay now I sound like I have a crush on Red Bull LOL

Boring Post : I have a summer cold.

It’s not even officially summertime yet and here I am with a summer cold and allergies.

Admittedly, I must say that I’ve had a worse cold before. This one just makes me feel extra tired and…. The heat is extra unbearable. Yesterday, I slept on the floor because it was in

the coolest room in the house.

Another weird symptom is that my ears are consistently in that “popped” stage. As in, swallowing or yawning does not make it go away.

What is going on, really?

I’ve been this way for about 2 days. Tuesday evening is when the sore throat came through.

Tuesday is also the day that I ate a horrible round of foods that were full of refined sugar, acidic stuff like coffee, and even some dairy.

I should have known better. My immune system is easily brought down by such things.

By far, yesterday was the worst day I’ve encountered. It was so bad, I don’t even remember yesterday. What I do remember is picking my son up from school and calling the secretary up to send him outside for me. (Usually we have to go inside the school to get him).

Today would be a nice day for a soothing, after school, popsicle. But the refined sugar they fill them with makes me wonder, is that the right choice? Will that help or hinder my healing journey?

Because, I don’t have a lot of time to be sick.

Tomorrow, there’s a field trip I have to drive 3 hours for.

And then this weekend there are people coming over I have to be present for.

I was going to do a bake sale but now I don’t feel up to hours of baking.

To end this on a note of optimism, I do feel pretty confident that tomorrow will be a better day. And that the healing will continue to go stronger and upwards.

And the way I’m feeling, I probably will get that popsicle. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be a real fruit option available at the store.

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