Light Source: Kindness + video

Kindness is a gift. We give it to ourselves. It’s also a gift that we give to those around us.

Genuine, healthy kindness is given because the giver wants to give.

It doesn’t matter who is around to see it & it doesn’t matter how it may be perceived to others either.

Kindness is a light source. Positive vibrations come from kind people.

It’s not always easy to be kind. Some situations may create a divide between what is honest and what is kind. [This is where having Grace comes into play].

Dragon Fruit

Trying an exotic fruit carries the risk of over paying for something that you don’t like.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case with Dragon Fruit, although it was risky!

Having only seen the exotic fruit on Instagram, I really really wanted to give it a taste. The beauty of it alone was an experience I craved.

So when I was in Virginia and saw one on sale for 5 dollars, I didn’t hesitate to get it.

It’s pinkish red and and a little yellowish green. & about the size of a softball.

It felt ripe so I cut into it. It looked exactly as it should:

Having previous knowledge of the texture, I used a melon baller to scoop out the soft flesh.

And then, me and my son had a taste.

“It tastes like water!” He said.

I couldn’t disagree with him. The texture was very light and lightly sweetened. The small black seeds were close in texture to those found in kiwis.

He went back for more and so did I – until it was gone.

I don’t think I would eat a Dragon Fruit any other way. Not in a smoothie- raw is the way to go, I think. Mixed with anything else the flavor might get washed away. And now, typing this up, I wish I had more Dragon Fruit to eat!

There are other varieties of Dragon Fruit out there and I look forward to trying them πŸ™‚

Light Source: Meditation + Video

The top meditation that anyone can participate in is VOID meditation. That is the act of clearing your mind and zoning out.

To do it, you don’t have to lay in a quiet room, you don’t even need to have your eyes closed. Some may find it easier to do with your eyes OPEN.

All you need is the knowledge of what it is and the desire to perform it.

Find a focus point and look at it. Don’t concentrate, don’t think about it. Just breathe it in and be in the moment.

Are these instructions clear enough? Let me know!

It gets easier the more that you do it.

If you’re an over thinker or have a busy mind, the video below may help you on your meditation journey:

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