Let’s start by addressing the title of this book:

In short, the act of Revolutionary Suicide manifests itself as taking a stand against the status quo, with the knowledge that others have been killed for doing the same thing.

Fearlessness is necessary for this, as well as supreme confidence that what you’re standing up for is 100% correct.

Dr. Huey P. Newton, author of this book and co- founder of the Black Panther Party, knows this all too well.

He is the one who coined the term revolutionary suicide and he also lived his life with knowledge that he was going against what the government wanted from his people.

The physical book Revolutionary Suicide is an autobiography of this smart man. In the beginning he talks about what the title means. Then he goes into his early life, teen life, young adult life, starting The Panthers and what happened after.

As with all autobiographies, there are universal lessons that can be taken away from his life story.

Something that I took away personally is that when you believe in what you have to offer, nothing can really stop the message from getting out.

Check out these videos I made discussing parts if this book in more detail!

Revolutionary Suicide | Dr. Huey P. Newton: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlYYQNODlNDnmzCPdP0sOS1Mvh_GU1W4h