FREE WILL – A non-karma perspective

This petite book discusses Free Will and other topics... Written to inspire Free Thinking!…. Cost: $5 + $2 (shipping and handling)



The Easy Light Sources Food Guide

This food guide covers 18 fruits and vegetables, including some of the content from this website. All original content. Also includes helpful information and a few recipes. 46 pages, easy to read text and fun for all ages. Cost: $8 + $4 (s&h)


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Honey Punny herbal product line for bath, wellness and women’s health

A variety of products including yoni steams and bath soaks with natural ingredients and quality essential oils.

Herbal Yoni Steams by Honey Punny

Honey Punny’s yoni steams are created with care and are 100% natural. Yoni steams are made for women to bring balance and nourishment to their feminine parts. 2 steams per sachet.



Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins are natural products that do not contain the chemicals and plastics that are found in traditional sanitary napkins. Day pads only in stock at this time. Cost: $8 + $3.50 (s&h)



COMING SOON: YOUR MONTHLY FIX – Sanitary Napkins and other monthly supplies sent to your door with items to nurture your inner goddess. Email for more information.

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Let the gold heal and inspire you!


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