Book Club

Let’s start a book club!

I’ll begin: Here are a few video reviews of the books listed below. Please like and comment to get the discussion going!

(Most of these links go straight to the YouTube video. If a book is pretty thought provoking then it’ll probably have text included 🙂

  1. Signs In The Sky by Adrian Gilbert
  2. The Herbalist by Joseph E. Meyer
  3. Revolutionary Suicide by Dr Huey P. Newton
  4. The Power of Simplicity by Herbert L. Coverdale
  5. Natural Prescriptions for Women
  6. The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

10. The Theory of Celestial Influence
11. The Repairing by Keidi Awadu
12. FREE WILL – by Nadirah Khalifah
13. Feel Alive by Ralph Smart
14. African American Wisdom Edited By Reginald McKnight
15. Stolen Legacy by George G.M James
16. Think and Grow Rich (A Black Choice) by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill
17. The Handbook for Raising Black Children by Dr. Afrika
18. Destiny’s Chickens by Francis Irby Gwaltney
19. Legends
20. A Haitian Woman’s Feelings by Pierre-Marie Fequiere
21. Panther (based on the movie)
22. The Solar System

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