Unique earrings, handmade by Star Khalifah during the full moon and new moon phases in 2019.

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Red Ones

These are even more beautiful in person! Let these red earrings inspire the unstoppable force within you. Warning: Your confidence will be elevated! Price: $8.00 + $5 s&h


Blue Frost

The sea-glass inspired beads that accent these earrings give them a unique style that is impossible to find anywhere else! Price: $8.00 + $5 s&h


Ocean Lovers Dream

Anyone who admires the sea will love these earrings. They swing beautifully, thanks to the clear ocean-blue stone at the bottom. They are truly one-of-a-kind! Price: $8.00 + $5 s&h


Green Adventurine Lucky Earrings

Made with authentic adventurine crystals, these earrings will bring good luck and lots of love to the wearer. They are light weight, with a light-hearted swing. Price: $10.00 + $5 s&h


Citrine Golds

Lightweight and authentic, these citrine earrings (accented with gold beads) help to boost the confidence, class, and optimism of the lucky person who wears them. Price: $10.00 + $5 s&h


Citrine Flash

Made with authentic citrine stones, these pretty earrings provide strength, courage and optimism. The silver colored beads on the ends add a flash of starlight as they swing around. Price: $10.00 + $5 s&h


Brown Beauties

These Beautiful Brown earrings are one of a kind. The brown stone on the bottom give them a stylish swing! Perfect for a natural or bohemian look. Price: $8.00 + $5 s&h


Brassy Blues

These Brassy Blue Legendary Earrings will dangle lightly from your ears, adding rustic beauty to any look. 8 dollars + $5 s&h