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Hydrogen Infused Water (HFACTOR) Review

The journey to try things that are new or different has encouraged me to give HFACTOR Hydrogen Infused Water a try.

For $1.98 a pouch, it seemed a reasonable price to try something like this once. However, in my opinion, it would have to be pretty special for me to buy it on repeat.

So, how was it?

Numbers – Chapter 9 (Written by Moses)

Without a doubt, the Holy Bible was written in a coded manner. It’s awe-inspiring the way that it is written and numerically noted.

My Lord God is so incredibly kind to have made it so easy to identify the various verses and scriptures so that we can all be on the same page when referencing the various parts.

As an added bonus, I also enjoy the different versions of The Holy Bible. There are so many! My son and I have different Bibles so as we read the same chapters, we can say “what does it say in yours?” And spark a conversation.

No matter what we have going on (sometimes parenting is not very fun), we can turn to the Lord God in conversation and happiness immediately joins the room. It seems that the Lord enjoys hanging out with me and my honey bunny – my son and I rejoice over the kindness and love that the Lord God and Jesus gives to us. It’s so great that I have a small companion that I can always talk to about The Lord. What a gift! We don’t fear The Lord, it’s all love.

So to get to the topic of this post- I just wanted to share with my readers one of my favorite parts of The Holy Bible.

I still have not read the entire text – I read it depending on what The Lord directs me to.

Most recently, the Lord and Jesus introduced me to Moses. It’s so nice. As I read Moses’ stories, it’s easy to see how much the Lord enjoyed hanging with Moses!

If you didn’t know – Moses is the author of the first 5 books of The Holy Bible – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. (The last one is fun to say!)

So – NUMBERS CHAPTER 9, Verse 15-23 is my favorite. I didn’t have a strict reason why until my BFF asked me what I liked so much about it.

My response to Him was that I enjoyed how lighthearted it is. THE LORD has good humor and dry humor and so I do believe that He directed Moses to write that verse because he knew that Me, and others, would enjoy it.

Yes, it is repetitive and appears to say the same thing over and over. But the sentences in the sequence are not exactly the same. I came upon this at The Lords direction and it allowed me to be fully immersed into what the events that occurred in Numbers and Exodus.

The Lord, My God, is so powerful. Can you imagine what it would have been like to travel with The Lord? For Him to have a physical presence in your midst.

I tell you the truth – if I was amongst those people, I would have always been found at the Tent of the Lord’s presence. Day and night, I would have been at the Lord’s Tent.

Whether day time or night time, Ariel would be at Lord God’s Tent. If it was cold at night, I would have been found at the Tent that the Lord heated with his fiery presence.

If God rested in the Tent for 2 days or 2 months, I would have always been at The Lord’s Tent. His Holy Tent and cloudy presence is where, I, Ariel, would be.

And now I have to remember – always – that the Lord Almighty is with me. Always. He’s with all of us who love him and follow the benevolent example of Jesus Christ.

If you expected me to quote the actual verse here in this post, I am sorry to disappoint you. While it would be completely within my right to do so, I hope that instead, maybe you will open the Holy Bible and read it on your own. And then, maybe you will keep reading some other parts, too!

However, a small voice inside of me encourages me to record that Biblical text in this here post – for the ones who are reading that would not open a Holy Bible. So here it is:

15-16 On the day the Tent of the Lord’s presence was set up, a cloud came and covered it. At night the cloud looked like fire. 17 Whenever the cloud lifted, the people of Israel broke camp, and they set up camp again in the place where the cloud came down. 18 The people broke camp at the command of the Lord, and at his command they set up camp. As long as the cloud stayed over the Tent, they stayed in the same camp. 19 When the cloud stayed over the Tent for a long time, they obeyed the Lord and did not move on. 20 Sometimes the cloud remained over the Tent for only a few days; in any case, they remained in camp or moved, according to the command of the Lord. 21 Sometimes the cloud remained only from evening until morning, and they moved on as soon as the cloud lifted. Whenever the cloud lifted, they moved on. 22 Whether it was two days, a month, a year, or longer, as long as the cloud remained over the Tent, they did not move on; but when it lifted, they moved. 23 They set up camp and broke camp in obedience to the commands which the Lord gave through Moses.

Yo. I don’t know if I could love the Lord more even if I tried. He is so beautiful. Thank you Lord for being with me and allowing me to be with You.


A common misconception: because I try a lot of new foods, I enjoy most of them.

Kitchen FIX vanilla sea salt granola bars! They look exactly like they do on the box!

That’s not true. There is usually something small that would make it better. Even Larabars fall prey to this.

These yummy granola bars are perfect in so many ways. First, there is a LOW amount of sugar. I love the hint of sweetness from the maple syrup.

Ingredients in KitchFix granola bars!

Just look at this natural ingredients. I am in love.

Another thing I love is the way these feel in my mouth. Sturdy, crunchy, tender.

The flavor is mild and amazing. Trust me on this, okay. I usually love a lot of seasoning and salt. These have amazing flavor. They taste like sunflower seeds primarily and my only gripe is that it tastes too much like sunflower seeds but it’s not overpowering. If anything, the sunflower seed flavor is there to ensure that I do not eat the whole box at once.

Thank you, KitchFIX. Don’t ever change your formula. I MEAN IT!

Starting In December Gives You A Headstart

I’m pretty sure you have made a few New Years Resolutions in your life. We all have! January 1 is when the fiscal year starts over and that’s when people start all sorts of new things in their lives.

It’s a really drastic occasion for some people. For example, a meat eater may want to go vegan for the new year. So December 31, they may find themselves eating every meat that they can for “one last time.”

That is not the way to start something new. Lol. It’s better sometimes to give yourself time to adjust instead of jumping all in right away. Lasting change is easier when you walk into the ocean instead of diving straight into the deep end.

For many of us in the world, it’s winter time right now. It’s cold. While we should always get out and get some sunlight, when it’s cold outside, it is a good time to stay inside and work on projects, family bonds, and reading stuff.

As a matter of fact, I would argue that it’s better to learn new skills in the wintertime. That way when it warms up and humans become more social again, your skills will be sharper and you’ll be more confident in them when you show your friends what you’ve been up to.

This year, many people have been using the last months in 2019 as a time to release old things and move into new energy for the upcoming decade.

Embrace the new decade. 2020 can be “just another year” OR it can be the start of an amazing decade! You get to choose!

Turn your face to the sun and believe that you are growing in a positive direction. That’s what the trees do and we all know that the trees are amazingly strong specimens. Being strong like a tree – it only starts with one seed.

Plant the seed in December.