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Hobbies (#BloggersTribe Day 13)

So, I have not been faithful to the writing prompts in this blogger challenge but that doesnt matter right now! I’d rather tell you guys about my hobbies.

Well I will start by saying that I wax and wane in my interests. Sometimes I like hand sewing things. Sometimes I like making beaded jewelry.

Some things I always enjoy are painting pictures, reading, playing video games (when time allows), tarot cards, and sleeping.

Yes, sleeping is a hobby. I love sleeping so much. My dreams are very vivid and exciting!

I wish I was disciplined enough to make my yoga practice a steady hobby but … I’m working on it πŸ™‚

Baking and trying new recipes used to be a fun hobby of mine but now, not so much. I suspect that my interest will grow again when I move into a place with another dishwasher!

Movie watching is also an older hobby of mine. I used to love watching movies. I dont know when I stopped loving it intensely but I suspect it was when I stopped being interested in watching movies that I’ve seen before.

Tarot cards is a hobby.

Gardening is a wannabe hobby but I’m in the process of moving and I don’t know when I’ll have private backyard space again to bring that back in style.

Yoga, though… I’m bringing that back into rotation. I’m at a 2 times a week practice, on a good week. But, I hope to be at a daily practice again soon.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚


Are You Gods Favorite Child?

Right up front, it sounds arrogant to claim to be God’s favorite human.

As I prayed with my son Legendary one night, I told him that he was one of Gods favorite children. And then I had a faint thought that maybe something was wrong with me saying that. But you know what, there’s nothing wrong with being Gods “favorite”.

Do you know why?

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The Angels Are Ready! Archangel Gabriel

Archangels are a direct communication channel to God! Form a friendship with them because they are all parts of God.

First thing first, Archangel Gabriel would like His name to be pronounced as Gabri-AL.

He is the ultimate keeper of God’s history and so He has some foundational things that He wants everyone to know:

  1. The Archangels and Holy Spirit hold all of God’s power. God created his 4 main angels to help him and/or be a little more approachable for the “lay person.” That’s why it SUCKS that people are afraid of Angels. That’s the same as being afraid of GOD. And yes we do see why people fear GOD but if you have a good heart then you shouldn’t have anything to be afraid of, other than how life would be without God.

Archangel Gabriel is pretty cool. He’s the nerdy angel lol In the best way possible! He gives us knowledge of all of the things that we love.

Here is something else that He wants everyone to know:

2. It is all of God’s angels that are responsible for the music in the world. That’s not to say that all of the musicians are angels – because they are not. But it does mean that all hit songs have the influence of Archangel Michael and his army of angels. That’s why it’s hard to forget song lyrics – they are literally powerful. One hit wonder singers are possibly angels who just wanted to do it one time.

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL has a wealth of information for the Earth. Spiritual insights that connect the physical with the unseen. He also wants to tell you everything about the subjects that you love. But in order for Him to trust you, God has to trust you so work on that πŸ™‚

One more thing – Archangel Garbriel does not have one specific color because he is all colors.

Also stay tuned because the Archangels also have their favorite fruits.

Thanks for reading. He has SO MUCH INFO to share omg! Read my older articles, if you want. They are Gabriel approved πŸ™‚

Update 6/7/2020:

I have ArchAngel Gabriel to thank for providing me with my new homepage. I hope that it fulfills that void that was missing in the presentation of this site!

Anyway, There is a good reason to record your life experiences. Having an organized record of your time also keeps record of your personal revelations. Lately, it can be easy to lose track of what is going on. Something that happened “the other day” could have actually occurred 2 or 3 weeks ago. Some things are more important than others so use this simple rule: If it is important enough to write down, it’s also worth the extra seconds to write down the date, too πŸ™‚

The Angels Are Ready – Archangel Uriel

This post is about the fourth Archangel – Uriel.

I call him Prince Angel 4 because He has expensive taste. Uriel’s favorite book is KINGS I in the Bible. Reading the description of King Solomon’s temple brings joy to Archangel Uriel.

Prince Angel 4 is the angel of FIRE! Because of His immense power, He does not work with everyone. Call His name as much as you want (or DON’T lol) but He will only come to people who are evolved with their emotional state.

Archangel Uriel has champagne tastes. His favorite color is gold, obviously. Make sure your mind and thought processes are limitless to have a nice visit with him πŸ™‚

Some say that Prince Uriel is the Archangel of wisdom. This is why He doesn’t waste His time with people who are not in control of themselves. It takes wisdom to be able to control yourself when emotions are HOT. Because He is hot – He understands the damage that will be done with people react off of their first emotions. That’s also why Uriel is the lesser-known of the 4 Archangels: uncontrolled fire can destroy many things beyond recognition.

If you want to see if Uriel likes you, try thinking about things without using words.

More information is coming but for now you have to remember, Only Approach These Angels If You Believe and Trust in God. If you don’t have a loving and trusting relationship with God then something bad may happen to you.

Update: 6/7/2020

To clarify on that last sentence: this is how an experience can go when people do not trust God enough. The angel will come to you and they may reveal something to you that could be discomforting or scary. This can lead to a fear of angels because you may thing that the discomfort is coming from them. But it’s not.

God, The Almighty, is in control of everything. The discomfort is only a test. The test is to see how much you trust God. If you trust him then you know that the angel is not to be feared. You can ask God to protect you and your emotional state.

What I had to learn the most is that God is always present and so we should always be present with Him.