Hobbies (#BloggersTribe Day 13)

So, I have not been faithful to the writing prompts in this blogger challenge but that doesnt matter right now! I’d rather tell you guys about my hobbies. Well I will start by saying that I wax and wane in my interests. Sometimes I like hand sewing things. Sometimes I like making beaded jewelry. SomeContinue reading “Hobbies (#BloggersTribe Day 13)”

Meet My Pets! (#BloggersTribe Day 7)

There are a bunch of outdoor cats around here were I live. They all have names and I love them all unequally! At the risk of sounding like Cat Lady, here are their names: Squeaky Bebe Sunday Willis Millis Rosie Posey Harcus Garvey Racecar Alpha Girl Honorable mention to my son’s cat Blackie. And HonorableContinue reading “Meet My Pets! (#BloggersTribe Day 7)”

3 Things I Like About Blogging (#BloggersTribe day 5)

Okay this website is over 2 years old! But ever since I started daily blogging last May, it has really opened up a new world to me. Here are 3 things I enjoy about blogging: 1. I like writing! I write the same way that I think in my head so it’s pretty easy toContinue reading “3 Things I Like About Blogging (#BloggersTribe day 5)”