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Brand New Italian Inspired Foodstuffs

Some interesting food items can be found on the sale rack! It’s not always for discontinued items, but sometimes for new/introductory foods as well. Case in point:

The FiorFiore brand is new to Food Lion and so they had super low prices to encourage people to try it. Worked for me!

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the products in this line!

The Breadsticks

Crunchy and bread flavored.

The Crispbread

Good. Crunchy. Filling. No olive flavor.

The Croutons

Bigger than expected. The olive oil used in these gives some great flavor. Great with the pepper spread.

Pepper Spread

Tasty af! Tomatoes is the number one ingredient and it shows.

Spray Balsamic Vinegar

What a great idea. Perfect flavor; sweet and tangy.

Shortbread Cookies

Good shortbread based cookie. Generously coated with chocolate.

Almond Cookies

Eating these moist cookies is an experience. They’re really almondy… not just in flavor but in texture too. They’re also individually wrapped, which is a huge bonus.

Out of all of these things, I’m most likely to re-purchase the Spray-on Balsamic Vinegar.

Here’s a video review I made after trying all of these things!


Update: The prices did indeed increase! Check it out:

Pumpkin Spice Snaps review

The word pumpkin is in the name so that qualifies these cookies as being plant-based, right? 🙂

With all the pumpkin spice stuff currently available, even someone who isn’t crazy about this crave will find at least one thing to entice them into trying something pumpkin-y.

I’m one of those people! I was in Food Lion, noticing that I didn’t get anything sweet, like cookies. I’m not big on pre-packaged sugary things so I thought (selfishly) “oh well.”

(Selfishly because others in my house like sweet stuff)

But in the check out line, the shelf where they have all the seasonal impulse buys is where I saw these. Pumpkin Spice Snaps.

I thought of my Dad, he used to buy Ginger Snaps allll theeee tiiime. And they were never my favorite.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ginger Snaps are hard cookies. HARD COOKIES. They “snap” when you take a bite. They’re not advised for people with loose fillings.

Someone told me, the proper way to eat the brick-like cookies are to let them get soft in your mouth for a while before actually chewing them up. That’s weird?

So, is that what it’s like eating a Pumpkin Spice Snap?

No. They’re not that hard. Probably because of their thin/wafer-like size.

Sorry for this resolution. I tried about 50% of my best with my camera phone. 🙈

But yes, these are hard too. Honestly.. they don’t taste that much different from Ginger Snaps.

Just like the color is a beige color, the flavor is just as exciting. Not deeply flavorful and not very spicy. Check out these ingredients:

Notice it says “less than 2%” of the spices. I imagine the flavor would be way more exciting if it had 4-5% of the spices in it. And then I wonder, what is Natural Pumpkin Flavor? It’s not actual pumpkin because it would have just listed Pumpkin.

Anyway, it’s tasty enough if you really need something sort of sweet. I enjoyed a few with a mug of unsweetened ginger tea.

A serving size is 4 cookies. I gave my son 3 cookies. He ate 2 of them.

Something tells me they’d be more addicting if they were soft-baked and frosted.