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Be Prepared For Sensational News!

Quick question: do you tend to expect the best to happen – or the worst? I’m guilty of expecting the worst sometimes. For example, my favorite song from The Lion King is Be Prepared. But, since the song is about plotting a double murder, I would wonder – does it reflect on me that I enjoy a song about a murder?

Now, yeah, that’s pretty unreasonable for a number of reasons. One – “What’s your favorite song from The Lion King?” is a question that no one asks me. Two – The Lion King is an award winning movie. Of course I am not the only one who loves this song. And I would never judge another person for loving it so why should I expect that kind of judgment..

Instead, what if I just enjoyed the song? ( I do! Very flamboyantly as a matter of fact, lol)

We always have dual ways that we can view a situation. The good, optimistic view. Or the pessimistic, depressing perspective.

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Can Antioxidants Ease Depression and Anxiety?

Diving into how what we eat has an impact on how we feel!

* possibly unnecessary disclaimer: nope I’m not a doctor but I am certified in nutrition, food, and health. If you experience depressive symptoms, this can help you to get out of it without doing anything drastic.

Ok so now that is out of the way – Depression sucks and we all know what it is. Tips to rise out of it can be found here.

Although many people are familiar with the phenomenon of eating to feel better, many don’t draw the link between how what you eat can make you feel worse.

How What You Eat Can Make You Feel Bad

Food guilt is one thing but that’s not what we’re talking about.

This is about eating nutritionally deficient foods and how that takes a toll on your internal system. That includes your mind.

When you eat nutritionally deficient foods (AKA JUNK FOOD!) two main things happen in the body:

  • 1. Your body uses its resources (vitamins and minerals) to process/digest these foods. These resources are not replenished at that moment because the junk food doesn’t have any nutritional benefits to give.
  • 2. Free radicals enter the body and bounce around, damaging the cells inside of you. More info on free radicals can be found here.

How Does Junk Food Cause Depression?

A diet that has a prominent inclusion of junky foods is sure to be deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Over time, your body will start to feel “off” because it’s not getting what it needs to thrive.

Every organ needs nutrients, even your brain.

When you are deficient, your body is not operating optimally. The same way that your mood, strength, and focus is “off” when you are hungry.

Antioxidants fight depression by getting rid of free radicals and nourishing your body at the same time.

When you eat better, you feel better because your body has more of the things that literally do make you feel better.