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Dolphins are the Big Cats of the Sea!

Do you ever have big thoughts while doing mundane activities?

While painting is not mundane, that’s what I was doing while I was thinking about dolphins. I’ve just learned how to create them!

I started thinking about the fun and smart personalities of dolphins, the beauty of whales, and the cunning of Orcas/Killer whales.

And then of course narwhals are pretty wonderful to look at. As well as hammerhead sharks.

These huge animals are amazing. They also live in the sea and ocean along with smaller fish like salmon and halibut, cool things like clams and oysters, and more cute animals like sea otters and octopus.

It’s very similar to big cats like cheetahs and lions living on land.

Dolphins would be like the Lions of the bunch. They’re just a bit different from the rest.

Another fun fact: I took a Harry Potter quiz to see what my Patronus is and I got the animal Dolphin! (I’m also a Ravenclaw if anyone is curious 😉

Anyway, one of my favorite things do do when God’s presence is strong with me is to create something beautiful and letting Him teach me about his favorite things 🙂

I love being with God ❤

Thor’s Day

Thor’s Day.

Thor is my favorite “God”… No, not because of the movie. Maybe, its because of the hammer.

His hammer is special to him. It harnesses HIS power and so no one can use it because they don’t have his power.

We all have our own hammers, too. If only we knew where our greatest strength lies, then we could make the biggest impact (presumably).

Blogmas – Wrapping Gifts & Sending Cards

You know what time of the year it is! Are you the type to get everything ready early, or do you wait until the last minute to wrap your gifts and send cards off?

We wrapped gifts and got Christmas cards together in the same evening – this past Sunday.

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How To Practice DUALITY While Only Being A Good Person

Duality, balance, whatever you call it. To some it may seem like you’d need to embrace you good qualities and bad qualities when it comes to being a balanced person. But, opposite is not the same as balance.

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5 Things About Planet Earth To Be Thankful For

Welcome to the Planet. You’ve been here for a while and sometimes we take things for granted as a result. In honor of Thanksgiving, here are some things about our Home Planet that I give thanks for!

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