Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water Review

I like energy drinks. Yes. I do. I like energy drinks – how about you? They’re even better when they’re sugar free and still tasty, like this Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water. Even better? Vitamin fortified. Not just a measly 5% vitamin C, we have 100% the daily value of Vitamin D, A, C, E, Niacin,Continue reading “Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water Review”

A Huge Apology To Some Eating Disorder People

Cruising eating disorder forums is an activity I’ve done ever since I was active on Xanga and had a LiveJournal page. Being a naturally thin person, people could assume that I had an eating disorder. It definitely looks like I would but NO. My issue is, that I used to have, is disordered eating inContinue reading “A Huge Apology To Some Eating Disorder People”

Bing Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are fun. They have an unhealthy reputation but I try to stick with the healthier ones. I think Bing drinks are pretty healthy. Why? Because cherries are healthy and these include cherry juice. They also include other fruit juice sometimes and they use ginseng, too. Before I got 3 on sale, I hadContinue reading “Bing Energy Drinks”