Yummy Gardein Breakfast Bowl Review !

Having someone prepare a delicious breakfast for you is one of my top 5 life experiences. Eating something fulfilling and satisfying without having to chop or cook anything yourself is just the best! When I was eating this Gardein Breakfast Bowl, I felt really thankful for the meal. Read the description: Potatoes, meatless sausage, scrambledContinue reading “Yummy Gardein Breakfast Bowl Review !”


A common misconception: because I try a lot of new foods, I enjoy most of them. That’s not true. There is usually something small that would make it better. Even Larabars fall prey to this. These yummy granola bars are perfect in so many ways. First, there is a LOW amount of sugar. I loveContinue reading “THE BEST GRANOLA BARS EVER by KitchFIX”

Poshi Marinated Artichokes Review

Ready to eat vegetables are a classy snack. You can have a fresh, moist vegetable with no chopping, no prep, no mess. Certain foods have an especially novelty angle to them too, like these Poshi artichokes. According to the opinions of many, artichokes suck. They are more decorative then have substantial “meat” to them. TheyContinue reading “Poshi Marinated Artichokes Review”