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A common misconception: because I try a lot of new foods, I enjoy most of them.

Kitchen FIX vanilla sea salt granola bars! They look exactly like they do on the box!

That’s not true. There is usually something small that would make it better. Even Larabars fall prey to this.

These yummy granola bars are perfect in so many ways. First, there is a LOW amount of sugar. I love the hint of sweetness from the maple syrup.

Ingredients in KitchFix granola bars!

Just look at this natural ingredients. I am in love.

Another thing I love is the way these feel in my mouth. Sturdy, crunchy, tender.

The flavor is mild and amazing. Trust me on this, okay. I usually love a lot of seasoning and salt. These have amazing flavor. They taste like sunflower seeds primarily and my only gripe is that it tastes too much like sunflower seeds but it’s not overpowering. If anything, the sunflower seed flavor is there to ensure that I do not eat the whole box at once.

Thank you, KitchFIX. Don’t ever change your formula. I MEAN IT!

Poshi Marinated Artichokes Review

Ready to eat vegetables are a classy snack. You can have a fresh, moist vegetable with no chopping, no prep, no mess. Certain foods have an especially novelty angle to them too, like these Poshi artichokes.

According to the opinions of many, artichokes suck. They are more decorative then have substantial “meat” to them. They take a lot of work, but to what end? To be mixed with cheese and mayo into a dip?

I didn’t see the big deal about artichokes until I had some packaged by Poshi.

Poshi Marinated Artichokes

Turns out, artichokes are pretty flowers. They are tender and layers and I enjoyed eating them in the most trashy way possible (with my fingers!)

Yep, I really liked eating these flowers.

The marinated part is what I didn’t really care for. Maybe that’s because I am not a fan of vinegar as a flavor or sauce. I really don’t enjoy it. Seems like I actually enjoy vinegar less and less, with every taste of it. (I still like mustard though…?)

That’s not to say that these were too heavy with vinegar seasoning. BUT, the taste was there. So, next time, I’ll seek out another flavor of marinated artichokes.

As it stands, however, artichokes are really cool eating!