Perrier & Juice Drink Review (peach and cherry)

Mineral water and juice is a classic combination in healthy kitchens everywhere. Here, Perrier has done all of the hard work for you and combined it into a handy canned drink. How does it taste? If you guessed “a healthy soda” you would be correct! That’s exactly what it tastes like to me and IContinue reading “Perrier & Juice Drink Review (peach and cherry)”

The Planted Path Fire Roasted Corn Review

Does every body like corn? It seems to be an unassuming, non-controversial plant food item. You probably have a preference as to whether you’d prefer to eat it off the cob or with a spoon. This shelf-stable corn product from The Planted Path is a spoon kind of corn. It’s been fire roasted with bellContinue reading “The Planted Path Fire Roasted Corn Review”

Humm Kombucha Flavor Reviews (It’s In A Can!)

Kombucha is a natural form of soda. It creates the fizzy bubbles naturally by the way that it is processed. Kombucha in a glass bottle is lightly fizzy but kombucha in a can is more like soda than anything else that I’ve tried! It also costs more than soda in a can ($2). Humm KombuchaContinue reading “Humm Kombucha Flavor Reviews (It’s In A Can!)”