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Taja Coconut Water Review

It was the novelty of a triangular bottle that called me to this Taja Coconut Water and then it was the thirst that made me finish it!

Right now I am beginning to feel like when you have one coconut water, you’ve had them all. Some add other fruit juices to them for flavor. This one was straight up coconut water – nothing else.

Taste wise, it was good and refreshing. Slightly sweet, as to be expected with this sort of thing. Since this is a cool bottle, they may have missed an opportunity to make it even cooler by adding some coconut pulp to the bottle.

Either way, this is a good drink. I found it in Food Lion near the cash registers where they have the “impulsive buy” foods.

Would I buy this again? Possibly. I am more inclined to drink coconut water that comes in a tetra pack. However, come to think of it, Taja coconut water has an edge that way because with this clear, triangle bottle, we can actually see what it inside of it.

Sahale Snacks Review – Pineapple Rum Cashew Coconut Snacks

Pineapple and rum in a healthy snack? Yes, please! Sahale Snacks has glazed nuts down to a tasty science. There is not much that this brand can do wrong in my eyes.

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Perrier & Juice Drink Review (peach and cherry)

Mineral water and juice is a classic combination in healthy kitchens everywhere. Here, Perrier has done all of the hard work for you and combined it into a handy canned drink. How does it taste?

If you guessed “a healthy soda” you would be correct! That’s exactly what it tastes like to me and I love that. Soda’s are known for being heavy on the sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

This Perrier & Juice Drink is literally mineral water and fruit juice.

The flavor is Peach and Cherry but there are also way more juices in this single-serving can. In here there is:

  • Peach juice (peach juice)
  • Lemon juice (listed twice)
  • Apple juice
  • Sour Cherry juice
  • and, Carrot juice for color.

Since I drank this out of the can, I didn’t notice the color that it is.

The juices did give this beverage a fresh taste, though. I really enjoyed it.

Sugar is also listed in the ingredients but there are only 12 grams. It doesn’t really taste sweet at all. It has a sour soda vibe, similar to grapefruit or cranberry juice.

Overall, yes, I like this. It’s been a long time since I have drank a traditional soda so this was a nice way to get a little taste of one without throwing my body into a sugar shock.

And, yes, I’d buy again.

Who Cares About Healthy Choices At The Holidays?

At times, considering what is and what is not healthy can be a bit of a downer if it’s typically a source of stress for you.

Saying no to a piece of frosted cake is not an easy decision for everyone on a regular day. But now that we’re in the holiday season, saying no to cake can be a real undesirable choice.

Around the holiday season, you want to be in a joyous mood. You want to smile and laugh and you want to be given things that you will enjoy.

Because being healthy is a struggle for many, making healthy choices can be a wet blanket for this time of the year.

The easiest solution, I’ve found, is to make comfort foods with the healthiest ingredients that you can find. Then, you won’t have to feel as guilty when you indulge.

At a party, it’s almost impossible to have control over what ends up on the catered table. In this case, if it’s really weighing on you to have some cake, then go ahead and have it. Sometimes, what’s healthier for our mind is not exactly what is healthy for our body. But, I think feeding our craving is a way to keep peace within ourselves.

A word of advice, don’t get used to giving in like that. If you have a reason why you are avoiding too much cake, strive to be stronger as you hold your beliefs. Being strong is a characteristic that will serve you in all matters of your life.

Unhealthy habits don’t just involve food. Sometimes, the holiday season brings around people you dont normally hang out with. Those people may bring habits that you don’t normally indulge in.

It’s up to you to be strong, or give in.

At times – and keep this in mind – the only way an action is “good or bad ” is dependent on how you see it.

That means, you can feel guilty about doing something that doesnt really matter. The guilt is only on your heart. You have the power to enjoy something out of the ordinary as long as you are in control over the effect that is has on your mind.

Sometimes we have been conditioned all throughout our lives to feel that something is bad to do, even if it is inherently a neutral activity.

An example of that would be “sleeping in”. Those who have grown up with older parents are used to feeling guilty for sleeping past 9am. Even though you may need the sleep, it may weigh on your conscience if you wake up after the sun.

Things like that depend on whether or not the conditioning you have been exposed to still have a major influence on your psyche.

To be truly free is to stay true to how you feel about something without worrying about how someone else attempts to make you feel about it.

Another way to become free, is to avoid feeling guilty. Go ahead and wake up earlier than you like to if that’s what it will take to free yourself from unhealthy guilt in your mind.

Don’t worry about if a choice is “healthy” or not. Instead, choose the choice that makes you feel the most free.

The Planted Path Fire Roasted Corn Review

Does every body like corn? It seems to be an unassuming, non-controversial plant food item. You probably have a preference as to whether you’d prefer to eat it off the cob or with a spoon.

This shelf-stable corn product from The Planted Path is a spoon kind of corn. It’s been fire roasted with bell peppers added in it.

Let’s jump right into the point… How does it taste?

On its own, it tastes like shelf-stable food. Like a distinct flavor that is not at all fresh. The things I like about corn (the fresh, juicy flavor) is not here. It’s not dry but it’s not fresh.

This tastes more like tex-mex corn. I added it to a lentil bean dish with tomatoes and it was good that way.

So if you were to purchase this, I’d advise making it an addition to a bigger dish. It’s not that tasty all on it’s own.

However, if you love canned cream corn, you may like this too. No, it’s not creamy but it has that “less than freshly picked” flavor just like this one does.

Overall, I give it a 5/10.

Humm Kombucha Flavor Reviews (It’s In A Can!)

Kombucha is a natural form of soda. It creates the fizzy bubbles naturally by the way that it is processed. Kombucha in a glass bottle is lightly fizzy but kombucha in a can is more like soda than anything else that I’ve tried!

It also costs more than soda in a can ($2).

Humm Kombucha is a new brand. At least, it’s new to me. I went to an out-of-town Walmart and scooped some up. My son and I were excited. We do not drink soda so he jumped at the chance to try something healthy, exciting and “mom approved.” LOL

We got three different flavors – Mango Passionfruit, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Blueberry Mint.

The first Humm Kombucha we tried together was the Mango Passionfruit. It was so good! In the ingredients, it lists mango puree and passionfruit puree. We could taste every fruit. It was deliciously sweet and so flavorful. Sometimes kombucha can have a vinegar-y taste to it but this one did not at all.

Mango Passionfruit Humm Kombucha

Yummy. Thank you Humm.

Now the Pomegranate Lemonade flavored Humm Kombucha is the most tart. My son used the word “sour”.. I wouldn’t go that far… But they did mix two acidic fruits with a kombucha base so the flavor is to be expected. I think cranberry juice lovers will love this one.

Pomegranate Lemonade Humm Kombucha

Finally we have the Blueberry Mint flavor kombucha. This is the only flavor that we bought two cans of. Yes, it is tasty. It’s like a blueberry soda! Really delicious!

Blueberry Mint Humm Kombucha Review

To rank the flavors, I’d say that Mango Passionfruit is #1, Blueberry Mint #2 and #3 is Pomegranate Lemonade is last (But not least!)

On the Humm Kombucha website, they have a lot of flavors! And, it’s not all in a can! I’m going to keep a look out for some other flavors near me 🙂