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Blueberry Muffin and Carrot Cake Larabars

Larabars are one of the original “simple ingredient and vegan” food bars. We can’t really call these a protein bar, although Larabar does make those now.

These are solid food bars. The main ingredient tends heavily to be dates.

You know dates.. the somewhat sticky and moisture-less fruit with a seed in it. Larabars and raw/vegan pie crusts are generally the only way that I’ll eat dates. On their own, they are not my style. In desserts and natural smoothies, I can get down with them all day.

Larabars also have some kind of nuts in them as well. Usually cashews or almonds. Sometimes walnuts if we’re lucky!

Today, let’s talk about two different and tasty? flavors of Larabar!

First, the Carrot Cake.

There are real carrots in these and it’s in a good way. Carrots, being already naturally sweet, add depth to the dates that are also used.

the texture of these bars are soft, too. Softer than usual maybe. It’s all in a good way though.

The Blueberry Muffin was a little more interesting, texture wise. The almonds used added a crunch to the bars.

This blueberry bar was also more.. dry? than the carrot cake. It’s not that it was crumbly, but there was a lack of moisture.

And, that’s what makes the difference as far as which one I am likely to re-purchase again.

Because flavor-wise, they are both delicious. I enjoyed both and I’d eat either one again.

But if I had to choose, I’d go with the carrot cake flavor.

I mean, I really like carrot cake. And the texture is more like what actual carrot cake is, moist and dessert level sweetness.

The blueberry muffin bars were tasty but as far as my understanding goes, I don’t recall there being chunks of almonds in a baked muffin.

Anyway, as a side note I’d like to give a shout out to my all time favorite Larabar flavor – Pineapple Upside Down Cake! Yummm, too back they’re not sold or available anywhere near me.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Sweet and Savory POPS Review

One thing that’s not so great about travelling is when you happen to fall in love with a snack that you can’t find when you return back home.

I’m starting to feel that way about a particular Made in Nature snack.

Made in Nature is a brand that has a line of “POPS”. Contrary to the name, they’re not a popsicle, or lollipop or anything on a stick. If anything, they’re a similar size to cake pops.

Made in Nature POPS are made with organic plant-based ingredients. Vegan friendly, too.

I had the pleasure of trying 3 types of these snacks and here’s the review here!


At first, I was surprised. These only had 3 POPS in the pack. But once I took a bite I realized why:

They’re really filling. These balls of bananas, raisins, figs, nuts, dates and more are all pretty dense ingredients.

They are soft and the banana flavor is not overpowering. People who are seeking a healthier banana candy may enjoy these.

The flavor and texture is pleasant but the picture on the package is a tad bit misleading. Particular the part that says “NUT BUTTER FILLED”. The ones I had were no such case. Perhaps the taste of almond butter was there but the word “filled” is an exaggeration.

Other than that slight complaint, I would buy this again if I wanted something small and filling.

Next we’ll quickly cover MANGO POPS. Quickly because I don’t have the pictures of the actual snacks. Luckily, they look strikingly like to the ‘NANA POPS.

The Mango Pops were my least favorite. I’m a Mango lover and they don’t have what it takes to fulfill me on the subject of taste.

Would not buy again 😦

But, do you know what I would buy again?? The VEGGIE POPS!

I would eat these VEGGIE POPS for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. They are SO tasty.

And, I regret not grabbing a ton more when I saw them. Next time I won’t make that mistake!

What makes them so good? The flavor combined with the mouth-feel.

They’re like Kale chips. Not the plain olive oil coated Kale chips…. the type that are coated with pleasant coating of flavourful goodness usually involving sunflower seeds or cashews.

You guys, these are so tasty and flavorful. They need no dip, no extra seasoning.

Unlike the other POPs that are chewy, these are light and crispy.

I highly recommend these to everyone!

Review: Pomegranate Glazed SAHALE Snacks

Shopping in the food section of CVS Pharmacy reminded me of being in a convenience store looking for snacks.

There were cookies and wine, boxed meals and stuff you can just-add-water to and microwave. Even a refrigerated section was there too.

I was looking for the healthy, low-sugar snack options, as per usual.

Luckily, I came across these glazed nuts from the Sahale Snacks brand. They are available for $1.50 a pack. Worth it!

I love these things! I was sharing with Legendary Khalifah but I ate most of them on my own!

The Red pack are full of cashews with a pomegranate vanilla glaze. They also had pieces of candied fruit in the mix. So delicious.

The glaze on them is generous and flavourful. And sweet. The vanilla scent comes through very fragrantly, like an essence almost.

They taste really classy. I enjoyed the eating experience of these.

If only there were more in the pack lol

The second flavor I had to try were also pomegranate glaze flavored, only this time with pistachios and cashews.

Again, these were super tasty but they also had a flavorful twist that surprised me!

Some bites were kind of spicy!

I looked in the ingredient list for something peppery or maybe ginger but all it said were “spices”.

No complaints, I enjoy spicy food (especially sweet and spicy!)

If I had to choose a favorite flavor, I’d go with the green pistachio ones because of the spicy element. The pistachios were also good.


While I don’t normally shop in CVS for food, it now seems that I have a reason to specifically go into the store to buy more of these!

This pomegranate glaze nuts are a winner for me!