Lift Off Energy Review + Video

The search of health-friendly energy drinks has lead me to Lift Off Effervescent Energy Tablets by Herbalife. I have no associations with Herbalife and I receive no benefits for this review. My opinions come exclusively from purchasing this product and trying it on my own accord. I felt the need to say that because IContinue reading “Lift Off Energy Review + Video”

Light Source: Kindness + video

Kindness is a gift. We give it to ourselves. It’s also a gift that we give to those around us. Genuine, healthy kindness is given because the giver wants to give. It doesn’t matter who is around to see it & it doesn’t matter how it may be perceived to others either. Kindness is aContinue reading “Light Source: Kindness + video”

Light Source: Meditation + Video

The top meditation that anyone can participate in is VOID meditation. That is the act of clearing your mind and zoning out. To do it, you don’t have to lay in a quiet room, you don’t even need to have your eyes closed. Some may find it easier to do with your eyes OPEN. AllContinue reading “Light Source: Meditation + Video”