Top 10 ways to Mindful Eating!

Conscious eating is the key to getting the most benefit from your meals! Here are 10 tips to help: Look at your food. Take a moment to appreciate the colors of your plate. Be aware of your eating style. If you typically rush through your meals then maybe some changes to that are in theContinue reading “Top 10 ways to Mindful Eating!”

Yachak Yerba Mate drink review

The search for healthy energy drinks may have reached an apex. I can’t imagine anything surpassing these Yachak Yerba Mate drinks. It’s not pronounced mate, it sounds like MAH-TAYE. Herbal caffeine sources are not as potent as coffee beans. Although, coffee is a bean so it is a plant (score one for plant based lifestyles!).Continue reading “Yachak Yerba Mate drink review”