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Simple Foods

There is strength in being able to feel satisfied and fulfilled with simple foods.

Complex and elaborate foods are fun to eat. Things like homemade ravioli do keep things interesting. But when you have to work and have other ways to spend your time, taking more then thirty minutes to prepare dinner just seems like a stretched out and exhausting idea.

So I have an appreciation for foods that are simple and satisfying.

There really is strength in being able to eat a simple meal and not feeling like it is incomplete.

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What is Clean Eating?

For some reason, Clean Eating is seen as a fad and it has some controversy attached to it. Let’s start by defining it:

Clean Eating is eating foods that have ingredients that are not overly processed or made in a laboratory. Natural- if you will.

There are several sub-sects to this: raw, no carbohydrates, oil-free, etc. But those extra dietary limitations turn a lot of people off and make clean eating into an eye-roll inducing “I’m so special, I don’t eat bread” kind of thing.

No offense if you don’t eat bread but having too many “I don’t eats” in your life makes you seem like a fussy eater and a food snob.

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