The Angels Are Ready! – Archangel Michael

There are many angels around all of us. Some come from ancestors, some present themselves as a nice person in the grocery store. The Archangels are more special than those – Archangels are a direct communication channel to God! And now, the angels are ready to assist the humans that follow God’s will. Archangel MichaelContinue reading “The Angels Are Ready! – Archangel Michael”

The Angels Are Ready – Archangel Uriel

This post is about the fourth Archangel – Uriel. I call him Prince Angel 4 because He has expensive taste. Uriel’s favorite book is KINGS I in the Bible. Reading the description of King Solomon’s temple brings joy to Archangel Uriel. Prince Angel 4 is the angel of FIRE! Because of His immense power, HeContinue reading “The Angels Are Ready – Archangel Uriel”

The Easiest Way To Become Closer To #God

The good news is that this works for everyone who believes in God! It’s simple and it’s easy – all you have to do is think about Him. God hears you 🙂 Thinking about God tunes Him into your channel! Ideally you will think about Him in the context of the verb Love but ifContinue reading “The Easiest Way To Become Closer To #God”