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Deeper Knowledge

I envy the people who will watch one motivational speech and their life is changed forever.

For me and people like me, deeper knowledge is required to make a deeper change.

Someone mentioned “the source code of the universe” one time and reading that flickered a switch in me. I was a little surprised as my website name includes source energy in the damn title but whatever.

It’s about all energy, not just divulging into one aspect.

For example, Source Energy and God are the same, so I say in one of my videos. Then in a website post, I mention that I don’t think the devil exists because God is more powerful.

Before I became so close to God, I came to a conclusion about Jesus and Satan that sounded crazy. So crazy that I only shared with my son. But it’s not too crazy when you’ve realized that 1. Energy is energy and 2. Source energy is everything.

So I’m at the point now where I’m moving forward, or moving up, from the spiritual foundations that have been laid and already established as being true.

I feel that unblocking this is the key to me being a totally free person.

God energy is trusting me to unravel all of the divisions and bring it to one universal code.

Big Brother Jesus has more sides to Him than we realize. That goes back to the opening sentence. Those people only need the Bible to change their life.

Then people like me need the deeper knowledge. I love the Bible. I also recognize that there is more to the truth.

The selfish conclusion is that I want more strength & power. Magical powers, sure. But this world that we live in is like a puzzle. If you don’t fall into the work-eat-sleep routine then you’re gonna have to be really strong to live another kind of way.

For me, that’s the only way.

I started A Bible Study [Video]

Hey, just wanted to let you all know that I started a Bible Study on YouTube! You’re welcome to come join πŸ™‚ There is a link

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to know everything so if I get a technical fact wrong, my bad. God is in my heart though and my interpretations are supported by Him! Beautiful.

Here is a video. Please subscribe to my spiritual YouTube channel for more. Thanks! I really, really enjoy doing these.


I decided long ago,

never to walk in anyone’s shadow πŸ™‚

If you recognize that song immediately, I implore you to go and play it really quick. Why not! And if you don’t know it, it is called Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston. It was one of my mom’s favorite songs. I grew up listening to it. I wish I internalized the lyrics more during my formative years πŸ™‚

There is a special moment between God and I that I’d like to share! The actual moment that He and I became one on a higher level.

This was January 1, 2020. I just Got back from Florida and I was tired. I went to take a nap but the EXACT MOMENT that I went from awake to asleep, something woke me up.

Do you know what they feels like? Especially when you’re tired?

This didn’t just happen one time. Oh no, this happened about 6 times.

Yes, it was incredibly frustrating. And then I closed my eyes again. And I couldn’t sleep. I felt God with me in a different way.

It was actually really, incredibly cool.

Creativity is a God Quality

Okay think for a moment about the Earth. All of the different trees. Some trees grow tall, some grow wide. Some smell like flowers, some smell like feet. Some stay green all year, some lose their leaves. Some produce food, some don’t. SUCH VARIETY.

Now think about the different flowers. All of the colors and different kind of petals. Some grow without seeds, some need seeds. Some are annual. Some are not.

And then let us not forget the animals. Mammals and non-mammals. The limitless variety of sea animals. Cat animals, birds, insects, amphibians, kind animals, fierce animals, family animals, lone ranger animals. Desert animals, rain forest animals. Can you think of more?

To create so many different things, there is just as many different types of Source Energy. I find it to be astounding to just think about. Sure, you can think of it as a natural occurrence but it’s magical, too. And wonderful. And inspiring.

God is definitely the ultimate creator.

And, God gives us wild ideas, too. Those who are not tuned in will immediately say “no” to a fresh idea. Their minds will immediately turn negative and determine that it wouldn’t work.

But God likes those who dare to think “what if”.

I forget who said it, but they said that God will not give us a dream if He didn’t have a plan to make it a reality in some way, shape, or form.

I believe in magic and miracles and so I do believe that dreams can come true too.

Of course you probably can’t create a new animal but you can create a story that will bring that animal to life, right?

Having a good imagination is a God Quality.

Don’t let your imagination run dry πŸ™‚

Acts of Reda Khalifah

Who is Reda? My mom, of course! Why is this post dedicated to her? Because of a dream I had that was full of quotes from her.

I don’t remember a lot of exact quotes but here are some that are the best representation of some of our conversations.

Reda Khalifah on God:

“God is in me and He is in you. So when I look at you, I see God. And when you look at me, you can see God too. “

Reda Khalifah on her death:

“Don’t let God punish you by taking me away.” Meaning – living without a mother shouldn’t be a punishment.

Reda Khalifah on astral projection:

“It’s like dreaming, but you’re not asleep. Everything is the same, the house is the same but I was flying through instead of walking. I tried turning on the light but my hand was going through the light switch.”

Reda Khalifah did the Mashed Potatoes dance really well but was shy to do it too much.

I wish she taught me to mash potato dance lol

Reda Khalifah on taking natural remedies that tasted gross:

“Turn it up and drink it down.”

I have my mother to thank for my gift of cooking well. Before she became too sick, she would make big batches of veggie burgers for everyone in her congregation to enjoy -essentially feeding 15-25 people her veggie burgers. After she died, people would ask 9 year old me for the recipe to her veggie burgers. (I didn’t have the recipe.lol) my mother also introduced me to hemp seeds 20 years before they became a fad. She liked to add them to smoothies.

On a personal note I would say that Reda was definitely a favorite child of God.

Jesus and God live with me and my mother Reda is one of my Archangels. Shalom!

Are You Gods Favorite Child?

Right up front, it sounds arrogant to claim to be God’s favorite human.

As I prayed with my son Legendary one night, I told him that he was one of Gods favorite children. And then I had a faint thought that maybe something was wrong with me saying that. But you know what, there’s nothing wrong with being Gods “favorite”.

Do you know why?

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