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You Can Strengthen Your Spirit By Imagining Your Senses

Sometimes things in life make us feel weak and that’s just the way it is.

This is so true for me. And then I started meditating with the Archangels and the things they show me helps to strengthen me.

It’s nothing crazy at all. Meditation is so approachable.

Here is a meditation post I did a while back for beginners! (wow my hair was different!)

So if you were to go deeper, here’s how you do it: Imagine a color. Give that color a texture. Feel the texture. Then give it a smell. And a taste. And then a sound.

It’s a lot of fun when you realize the endless combinations. OR you can just do one combination (color + texture, for example) and it’ll still be great!

That’s really the end of the tips. It works wonders and it is very peaceful.

11 Questions With Master Healer – Niamo Muid!

I had the honor to interview a very kind and intelligent author named Niamo Muid! A spiritual minister and energy healer based in the NYC area, Reverend Niamo has been a prominent role model to many in her community for decades. She continues to heal and inspire through her books and on her website – TheHealMobile.Com… Check out her website to “Get Your Healing ON!” but first, read what she has to say in this pleasant and informative interview 🙂

Easy Light Sources: Please tell us about your business, The Heal Mobile.

Reverend Niamo Muid: The HealMobile concept came to me during one Ramadan. I had already started learning aromatherapy and Reiki—energy massage— and I was fascinated by Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and beginning to learn that as well.
HealMobile rhymes with snowmobile. For me, HealMobile means each human being is always healing and always mobile. Both activities occur simultaneously by the grace of the Creator, and keep our human structure well-maintained. It is a miracle we are quite self-sustaining, and we can build on the gift of that miracle by expanding ourselves to do, be and have anything we want in life.

ELS: Have you been a healer all of your life?

Rev. Niamo: Somewhat. I have always been a peace-maker. Always wanted people not to argue, fight, and see the bright side. Healing social relationships is very important to me, though I have found that the first relationship to heal is the one with oneself. This is ongoing and never-ending. What I’ve learned as I work on myself is how to direct others in their self-healing and spiritual direction. The world needs us.

ELS: Is there a difference between energy healing and physical healing?

Rev. Niamo: Not really, but there are many levels of energy healing, whereas we usually limit our appreciation of physical healing to the material world. Physical healing can also be metaphysical too. All healing begins in the nonphysical sphere, for example, with thought and prayer.

ELS: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get closer to God but doesn’t know where to start?

Rev. Niamo: Great segue! Thoughts are things— this is the first step towards God consciousness and spiritual connection. One has to begin to identify the God, Oneness or the divine in every single thought that goes through the mind. It may be easier to do this by observing nature. Observe its willingness to change, look at its beauty, consider its awesome staying power, accept its surrender to stop growing and die or transition into something else. Developing a respect for the natural world is one of the first places to start on the spiritual journey.

Anyone who wants to get closer to God can also observe body functions as a domain of divine surrender. We do not make our hearts beat or blood flow through our veins—God alone has this on lock. Start by being appreciative of breath every morning. No human being has created this ability. Only the Source of All Sources is responsible for breath, and this is why we give thanks and enjoy the miracle of our bodies and the high-functioning body systems as one of our first morning prayers. Hallelujah, I’m alive to praise the Most High and give thanks another day! 

The beautiful and unique Reverend Niamo Muid – founder of TheHealMobile.com

ELS: Sometimes we face a stressful situation and/or an energy vampire and due to certain responsibilities, we can’t just walk away from them. Do you have any advice on how to stay calm and centered in the midst of a stressful environment or situation?

Rev. Niamo: The way I do it is to take deep belly breaths. It is very hard, however, to think about breathing correctly in the midst of chaos, which is why prevention is the best medicine. The meditation (or zikr—remembrance) habit is actually a natural state that has to be reawakened. You can go walking, hiking, or find a way to sit still in nature. 

“I’ll get back to you.” “Let’s talk after lunch.” “Give me a few minutes to respond to that.” These are some responses we can use when coworkers (or friends/family) are overbearing, and of course the responses can be modified depending on who you’re talking. One hundred or more years ago our great, great grandparents didn’t experience any high-pressure working environments or technology the way we do today. They got rest after the sun went down (mostly) and actually slept through the night.

In contrast,  we live in a highly mechanized and technological society and we are always ON. It is incumbent on us to recognize that we must shut down, which is why turning off ALL lights at night, including LED lighting on clocks, is a must. I discuss this in my book, Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism.

We’d do well to note that nature takes a rest when the sun goes down at night. If we are well rested we can respond to family, friends and coworkers from a rested, calmer, more centered place. So the work is to consistently meditate, zikr, or spend time in nature. Get away from the crowd to hear what life is telling YOU. Being among trees and walking along beaches is powerfully energizing and subtly healing to the spirit, mind and body. If we do not prevent upsets, excess stress and energy vampires from upsetting us by getting “under our skin,” they certainly will.

This is a HUGE question and I’ve only touched on what can immediately be done; results can be seen pretty quickly if you stick with breathing, meditating and remembering the One.

ELS: How can we strike the balance between working unfulfilled jobs and staying spiritually at peace?  

Rev. Niamo: One reason people find themselves in unfulfilling jobs is because they don’t know who they are or what they want. The boring or unfulfilling job gives them time to think, Why Am I Here, by the way? In the meantime, folks should enjoy working, or find some aspect of it they like, and give thanks for it. There is a patience that must be learned and when it is, a more fulfilling line of work shows up in the nick of time.

ELS: What is your favorite way to unwind?

Rev. Niamo: My favorite way to unwind is to take a long epsom-salt-and-oils bath, and then give myself a Reiki session.

ELS: Do you have any artistic pursuits that you will share with us?

Rev. Niamo: I like writing, dancing, crossword puzzles, sudoku, sewing, crochet and knitting, movies, theatre, listening to jazz and R&B. Sometimes I’ll color or paint as well. I was an art major in college.

ELS: Do you have any thoughts on the differences between “dark energy” and “light energy”?

Rev. Niamo: This is explored in Light on Reiki and Neo-African Mysticism. I wanted to call the subtitle, “Secrets of Black Energy” but I was told people would think I was speaking of black magic, meaning negative, people-harming wicca.

I am tired of people equating dark with bad, which is why I discuss indigo in the book as a prized phenomenon related to the Violet Light (or Flame) of Reiki. The sky is replete with dark energy, and its color is indigo. Everything we know in the material world comes “out of the blue,” in other words, out of this dark blue energetic space. Blue and black are the same in many indigenous cultures, and not just in Africa. Darkness is where everything originates; the womb is the best example. I associate energy with God’s Oneness and it has no color but can create light, colors and dark.

I do not get caught in the duality controversy, which has white meaning Light and black or dark meaning negative and evil. For me, this is an woefully adolescent rung on the spiritual ladder of human growth. When we align with the Most High, on the other hand, we are doing more than climbing a ladder. Spiritual alignment with The One is not a notion, it is a true gathering of all forces in our sphere to aid us in living on earth and in the universe. This includes ancestors, jinns/genies, angels, and anything else—UFO’s included. There is truly nothing to be afraid of because there is “no out there” out there, all the separation is in our minds anyway.

The opposing notion of dark and light energy and variations thereof— this concept only resides in our conscious awareness. We made it up and we believe it. There are many other ways to look at it. Did you know that indigo was the main crop the colonies exported before cotton? And that it gave Europe the color blue (and purple) which became a prestigious color only the elite wore? And that Africans who had worked indigo in the Motherland knew how to cultivate it in the West Indies and the Americas and it made many fortunes for early colonizers? A brief history is included in my book. There is so much to be gained by freeing our minds of brainwashing, even in the study of color.  

Curtis Mayfield sang, “We people, who are darker than blue…are we gonna stand around this town, and let what others say come true…” Light always comes out of dark. You’ve got to have the contrast, but there is no fight.

ELS: What’s your favorite animal?

Rev. Niamo: Cat. Wherever I’ve lived the neighborhood cats have always congregated, whether I have them as pets or not. I also like horses.

ELS: What is your favorite food and drink?

Rev. Niamo: I love grape juice. Food is harder to say because I love many different foods. Corn is a front runner. Popcorn is my favorite snack.

Thank you for this interview, Reverend Niamo Muid and thank you to the readers for joining us! Please show your support by visiting http://www.TheHealMobile.com 🙂

Deeper Knowledge

I envy the people who will watch one motivational speech and their life is changed forever.

For me and people like me, deeper knowledge is required to make a deeper change.

Someone mentioned “the source code of the universe” one time and reading that flickered a switch in me. I was a little surprised as my website name includes source energy in the damn title but whatever.

It’s about all energy, not just divulging into one aspect.

For example, Source Energy and God are the same, so I say in one of my videos. Then in a website post, I mention that I don’t think the devil exists because God is more powerful.

Before I became so close to God, I came to a conclusion about Jesus and Satan that sounded crazy. So crazy that I only shared with my son. But it’s not too crazy when you’ve realized that 1. Energy is energy and 2. Source energy is everything.

So I’m at the point now where I’m moving forward, or moving up, from the spiritual foundations that have been laid and already established as being true.

I feel that unblocking this is the key to me being a totally free person.

God energy is trusting me to unravel all of the divisions and bring it to one universal code.

Big Brother Jesus has more sides to Him than we realize. That goes back to the opening sentence. Those people only need the Bible to change their life.

Then people like me need the deeper knowledge. I love the Bible. I also recognize that there is more to the truth.

The selfish conclusion is that I want more strength & power. Magical powers, sure. But this world that we live in is like a puzzle. If you don’t fall into the work-eat-sleep routine then you’re gonna have to be really strong to live another kind of way.

For me, that’s the only way.

I started A Bible Study [Video]

Hey, just wanted to let you all know that I started a Bible Study on YouTube! You’re welcome to come join 🙂 There is a link

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to know everything so if I get a technical fact wrong, my bad. God is in my heart though and my interpretations are supported by Him! Beautiful.

Here is a video. Please subscribe to my spiritual YouTube channel for more. Thanks! I really, really enjoy doing these.


I decided long ago,

never to walk in anyone’s shadow 🙂

If you recognize that song immediately, I implore you to go and play it really quick. Why not! And if you don’t know it, it is called Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston. It was one of my mom’s favorite songs. I grew up listening to it. I wish I internalized the lyrics more during my formative years 🙂

There is a special moment between God and I that I’d like to share! The actual moment that He and I became one on a higher level.

This was January 1, 2020. I just Got back from Florida and I was tired. I went to take a nap but the EXACT MOMENT that I went from awake to asleep, something woke me up.

Do you know what they feels like? Especially when you’re tired?

This didn’t just happen one time. Oh no, this happened about 6 times.

Yes, it was incredibly frustrating. And then I closed my eyes again. And I couldn’t sleep. I felt God with me in a different way.

It was actually really, incredibly cool.

Creativity is a God Quality

Okay think for a moment about the Earth. All of the different trees. Some trees grow tall, some grow wide. Some smell like flowers, some smell like feet. Some stay green all year, some lose their leaves. Some produce food, some don’t. SUCH VARIETY.

Now think about the different flowers. All of the colors and different kind of petals. Some grow without seeds, some need seeds. Some are annual. Some are not.

And then let us not forget the animals. Mammals and non-mammals. The limitless variety of sea animals. Cat animals, birds, insects, amphibians, kind animals, fierce animals, family animals, lone ranger animals. Desert animals, rain forest animals. Can you think of more?

To create so many different things, there is just as many different types of Source Energy. I find it to be astounding to just think about. Sure, you can think of it as a natural occurrence but it’s magical, too. And wonderful. And inspiring.

God is definitely the ultimate creator.

And, God gives us wild ideas, too. Those who are not tuned in will immediately say “no” to a fresh idea. Their minds will immediately turn negative and determine that it wouldn’t work.

But God likes those who dare to think “what if”.

I forget who said it, but they said that God will not give us a dream if He didn’t have a plan to make it a reality in some way, shape, or form.

I believe in magic and miracles and so I do believe that dreams can come true too.

Of course you probably can’t create a new animal but you can create a story that will bring that animal to life, right?

Having a good imagination is a God Quality.

Don’t let your imagination run dry 🙂

Creative pursuits are also a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety! Pick up a paint brush and see what you can come up with.