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Hydrogen Infused Water (HFACTOR) Review

The journey to try things that are new or different has encouraged me to give HFACTOR Hydrogen Infused Water a try.

For $1.98 a pouch, it seemed a reasonable price to try something like this once. However, in my opinion, it would have to be pretty special for me to buy it on repeat.

So, how was it?

Journey’s journey

Journey’s Greatest Hits have been playing on repeat so often that I have to pay homage.

As a legendary band, they have a unique band story throughout the 40 years that they’ve been creating art for the world.

Their Wikipedia, and countless other news articles, are full of information that I read some of. I advise you to do the same if their music speaks to you!

I was meditating with God and we were reflecting on Journey’s music while listening to the Greatest Hits album on Tidal… and so here are some things that are interesting about Journey’s journey.

1) They have so many 80’s hits. And Journey’s songs are also remarkably meaningful. The lyrics are top notch and then the voice arts from Stephen Perry (and now Arnel Pineda) take it over the top. He can really sing and it comes from a cool place.

2) and because of that quality, it’s okay that Stephen went his separate ways. I’m so thankful for what they’ve created! It’s divine, for sure.

3) I see major blessings that Journey was blessed with a second lead singer, that has a singing style so similar to the original Stephen Perry. That’s a rare instance and that shows God smiling on Journey.

I’m telling you the truth, Journey’s songs are really next level of you consider dimensions in music.

The LYRICS too and importantly.

When I listened to their GREATEST HITS album, there were some songs that I was surprised to hear, like Who’s Crying Now and Send Her My Love.6

My favorite song? Faithfully for right now. But come on, Steve Perry’s voice is a top ten Gem on every song.

I’d say all of my favorite Journey songs were released before I was born. Timeless, classic, perfection.

I’d also say that God is also pleased with Journey’s music. I can listen to The Greatest Hits on repeat and it’s all good. [By contrast, there are some violent songs that I cannot listen to on repeat, regardless how much I like it]

I wonder what it was like in the studio when Steve Perry recorded Faithfully.

It is overwhelming for me to think about how many people feel joy, peace, and comfort when listening to Faithfully, Open Arms, and all of Journey’s other songs that they love. Kip

Well, that’s all for my notes! Last night, the prophet Moses revealed to me in a dream that I should share more of my light with others. What He showed me was a house that was luminous inside with moonlight and we stood on the outside. Moses and I contemplated- how can that house share their special luminosity with those on the outside.

4ever yours, faithfully

Faith is leaning into whoever or whatever is there for you.

Can you see your faith?

It is a JOURNEY because nothing becomes set in stone. Faith must always have life. Building upon and making it stronger- only stronger.

Or it may stand still.

Through space & time. Always another show. Wondering where I am. Lost without you.

Faith on other people is better when all people lean into each other equally.

Faith is impossible to take lightly. Real faith is need-based.

More casual and we can call it hope.

Feminist or Feminine Energy

The term Feminist has become a polarizing entity. Some people are of the mind that everyone should be a feminist – men and women. People who identity as a feminist are said to support equal pay for both genders, equal opportunities, and a general reject of stereotypes that say that a man is superior to a woman. Please correct me if I am wrong.

On the other hand, Feminine Energy is less about social justice and equality. While feminine energy building activities can be a source of bonding for people – it can just as much be an individual pursuit.

Seems to me, a person can roll around in all the feminine energy that they want. Especially behind closed doors. “Feminine Energy” is being left a little open here because it can mean different things to different people.

On the other hand, being a feminist almost requires an identifier to be open about it. Can you be a feminist without telling people you support equality between men and women? No, it doesn’t work that way. It’s like another social issue that I don’t really talk about here – racism. If you are against racism then you kind of HAVE TO openly stand against it. If you don’t speak against it, racist people and non-racist people will assume that you’re okay with it.

What do feminine energy and feminist … people…. have in common? Well, women in general have a reputation of being heavy on the emotional side of life. That’s a huge commonality. You have to have some type of emotional feelings toward being a feminist, if that’s how you identify.

Whether it’s true or not that women are more emotional, a woman who exudes feminine energy is totally seen as more delicate and sensitive. There is nothing wrong with that and if you think that’s there is then you need to reevaluate where your opinion comes from.

Exuding feminine energy is even a requirement for women who want to live a certain kind of lifestyle. For example, if a woman wants to avoid manual labor as an occupation then being feminine sets that woman on the path for a career that will allow her to wear whatever she wants and to behave as delicate as she wants.

On the other hand, a woman who wants to work a construction job automatically knows that she won’t be able to wear fancy shoes or silk clothing – it’ll have to be the rough attire of Carhartt pants and steel toe boots.

Of course, she can code switch if she wants. I’m just saying that a woman who wants to have long nails and a woman who wants to pour concrete may have to choose.

A Feminist does not always give off a feminine vibe. Where feminine energy asks a woman to be soft spoken, a hardcore feminist may be outwardly harsh in the face of some kind of gender discrimination.

The keyword here is hardcore. There are levels.

In this world, we all should be a feminist in the face of obvious toxic anti-female behavior.

And then, we should also become more feminine when we feel our energy getting chaotic or frazzled. I suppose class and grace fall into the side of feminine energy as well.

As men and women both have feminine and masculine energy, so goes the realization that there is a time and a place where one energy should be more “loud” than the other.

Funny enough, sometimes the louder that feminist equality is said, the less feminine it actually presents itself.