Yachak Yerba Mate drink review

The search for healthy energy drinks may have reached an apex. I can’t imagine anything surpassing these Yachak Yerba Mate drinks. It’s not pronounced mate, it sounds like MAH-TAYE. Herbal caffeine sources are not as potent as coffee beans. Although, coffee is a bean so it is a plant (score one for plant based lifestyles!).Continue reading “Yachak Yerba Mate drink review”

Shea Butter Review [video]

Never has there been a shea butter as buttery as this one. At least, not in my experience. However it’s that experience that allows me to truly appreciate what Fragrance and Beyond has provided to the welcome market. Other shea butters carry the name but in appearance they can be hard, drier, and possibly crumbly.Continue reading “Shea Butter Review [video]“