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PowerBar Plant Protein Bar Review

This bar was found in the bargain bin at 7-Eleven. The appeal of these kinds of snacks are the easy nutrition that is suggested. Can’t get a meal? Eat a bar and you’ll be good.


I mean, not really. It really depends on the bar.

Some healthy bars are mostly sugar. Those are not very sustaining in terms of hunger satisfaction.

The more hearty bars usually have some kind of nuts in them. Peanuts, usually.

Peanuts are what is found in this Plant Protein PowerBar.

There’s chocolate too- the flavor is chocolate peanut butter.

As with all bars, there are usually two main components that make up the experience: flavor and texture.

I’ll start with what I liked the best: the flavor!

This was tasty. There was a coating of chocolate along the bottom that I enjoyed. It added some creamyness to the overall experience.

This Plant Powered Power Bar was flavorful. But, unfortunately, that’s where my fondness for this ended.

The texture left a lot to be desired. There were actual peanuts and also crispy pieces. The peanuts were good, they reminded me of a PayDay candy bar (texture wise). The other parts were much harder and really crunchy.

I didn’t enjoy it at all, it felt like it was cutting up the roof of my mouth!

So, PowerBar gets points for making a Plant Based bar but they missed the mark. Hopefully they keep trying, though! I’d be willing to try another one, just not with this kind of texture.

Simple Foods

There is strength in being able to feel satisfied and fulfilled with simple foods.

Complex and elaborate foods are fun to eat. Things like homemade ravioli do keep things interesting. But when you have to work and have other ways to spend your time, taking more then thirty minutes to prepare dinner just seems like a stretched out and exhausting idea.

So I have an appreciation for foods that are simple and satisfying.

There really is strength in being able to eat a simple meal and not feeling like it is incomplete.

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What’s The Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan?

At first glance, these two dietary terms may seem to be one and/or the same. It can seem like splitting hairs to try to separate the two of these things.

For people who are navigating the healthier side of life, learning the different methods that others use can make it easier to form your own healthy lifestyle journey.

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