What’s The Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan?

At first glance, these two dietary terms may seem to be one and/or the same. It can seem like splitting hairs to try to separate the two of these things. For people who are navigating the healthier side of life, learning the different methods that others use can make it easier to form your ownContinue reading “What’s The Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan?”

Cake Batter Vegan Protein Drink Review

One thing that a plant-based eater such as myself craves from the dairy side of things is the flavor of protein powder. Maybe that’s a little weird? Sometimes I just have a craving for it! The chalky taste is so good to me sometimes LOL but I don’t drink them because I find dairy toContinue reading “Cake Batter Vegan Protein Drink Review”