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Bing Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are fun.

They have an unhealthy reputation but I try to stick with the healthier ones.

I think Bing drinks are pretty healthy. Why? Because cherries are healthy and these include cherry juice. They also include other fruit juice sometimes and they use ginseng, too.

Before I got 3 on sale, I had only drank one of these previously before. and gave me the jitters.

But lately, I’ve been needing energy and the sale on these was hard to beat. and I’m glad I gave them another try.

The energy in these comes from caffeine and ginseng. Around 100-120 mg each.

My bad for being less than precise about the exacts but the photos are not uploading and it’s 100°F and I’m, ironically, feeling low on energy right now. I could use one of these drinks. but I’m actually cutting back on caffeine.

My favorite Bing Energy drink is the Apple one – it’s tastes so fresh. It really tastes like fresh apple juice is included in this.

They’re all delicious, though. And they’re all recommended. In moderation. 🙂

Blueberry Muffin and Carrot Cake Larabars

Larabars are one of the original “simple ingredient and vegan” food bars. We can’t really call these a protein bar, although Larabar does make those now.

These are solid food bars. The main ingredient tends heavily to be dates.

You know dates.. the somewhat sticky and moisture-less fruit with a seed in it. Larabars and raw/vegan pie crusts are generally the only way that I’ll eat dates. On their own, they are not my style. In desserts and natural smoothies, I can get down with them all day.

Larabars also have some kind of nuts in them as well. Usually cashews or almonds. Sometimes walnuts if we’re lucky!

Today, let’s talk about two different and tasty? flavors of Larabar!

First, the Carrot Cake.

There are real carrots in these and it’s in a good way. Carrots, being already naturally sweet, add depth to the dates that are also used.

the texture of these bars are soft, too. Softer than usual maybe. It’s all in a good way though.

The Blueberry Muffin was a little more interesting, texture wise. The almonds used added a crunch to the bars.

This blueberry bar was also more.. dry? than the carrot cake. It’s not that it was crumbly, but there was a lack of moisture.

And, that’s what makes the difference as far as which one I am likely to re-purchase again.

Because flavor-wise, they are both delicious. I enjoyed both and I’d eat either one again.

But if I had to choose, I’d go with the carrot cake flavor.

I mean, I really like carrot cake. And the texture is more like what actual carrot cake is, moist and dessert level sweetness.

The blueberry muffin bars were tasty but as far as my understanding goes, I don’t recall there being chunks of almonds in a baked muffin.

Anyway, as a side note I’d like to give a shout out to my all time favorite Larabar flavor – Pineapple Upside Down Cake! Yummm, too back they’re not sold or available anywhere near me.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Off The EATEN Path Crisps – Taste Review 1

Cool new snacks really get me excited.

I saw 5 bags of new crisps at 7-Eleven and I was beyond excited!

Out of the 5, only two were dairy-free. Thank goodness for that because they were also 3.79 a bag.

I was excited to try these! I’m not particularly fond of rice snacks but the addition of chickpeas and sweet potatoes made me think that they’d be hearty and satisfying.

Well, I was right somewhat.

First, though. The appearance. These crisps are beautiful.

I don’t even think I’ve called a food beautiful other than this.

But I don’t think anyone would deny the attractiveness of these babies.

I’d frame it if I could!

Yes we eat with our eyes first. But second comes the taste buds.

I’m starting to feel like a broken record when it comes to some of these snacks.

What I mean is this:

These are good but they’d be even better with some SALTY FLAVOR. They need salt.

Now, granted – these would pair well with a salsa or dip but these are not tortilla chips. There is nothing to indicate that they’d need something to accompany them.

Right out of the bag, these need some salt.

I’ll be fair, okay. I do like salt. Sometimes I even salt my food before tasting it. Bad habit, yes.

But facts are facts. These crisps will be eaten without a doubt. I’m gonna try a way to add salt and shake it around.

Other than that salt rant, the flavor of these is good. I can taste the sweet potato and it’s really delicious.

I’d definitely buy these again!

Now, I have one more flavor to try. Let’s see how they are 🙂

This Bar Saves Lives

First things first.

No, this bar will not give you super powers of super healing abilities. In the heat of an emergency, ThisBar will remain a mere snack food.

On the bright side, having one of these during a snack emergency would be a pleasant experience.

The name of this food refers to the company’s goal of making a charitable donation per purchase.

I picked up both of these at my safe spot – 7-Eleven.

They both looked really good, honesty. Kinda healthy, kinda conscious of the world around us. And the flavors are my favorites – Blueberry/pistachio and cherry/dark chocolate.

The flavors did not disappoint me. Actually, it exceeded my expectations.

First, let’s go over the cherry and dark chocolate flavor.

It was yummy but sweeter than expected. Actually, I’d almost say it was too sweet for me.

I guess I expected the dark chocolate to give it some characteristic bitterness but it was none of that. It was like milk chocolate.

What you can’t see in the picture is that the bar has a coating of chocolate along the bottom of it. That’s good too!

It was pleasantly juicy too. There were real cherries in it and I liked it!

As good as it was, I think I prefer the Blueberry Pistachio flavor.

The whole thing tasted like it was sweetened with blueberry juice! I loved it so much.

When it comes down to it, I did like the Blueberry over the cherry.

The only complaint I have about the Blueberry bar is that it didn’t stay together that well. It was crunchy but still loosely textured.

Bottom line is that these bars are good and worth buying. Their save the world goal also adds to the appeal. Although, honestly, I’d still buy even if they were as selfish as every other company. Lol.

Primal Strips Vegan Jerky

So here we go. As a lifelong plant-based gal, I’ve never had meat jerky before. Nope. Not even a Slim Jim.

When I get the “I want something meaty” craving, I’ll probably eat something like a veggie burger straight with no bread or whatever. Vegan jerky definitely has its appeals.

I was at a vegan festival and received this vegan jerky as a free sample. At first the man behind the table was only going to give me one to try but when I told him I do reviews on my website, he loosened up and gave me both!

And I’m so glad he did. Because these 2 Primal Strips gave me 2 vastly different experiences.

One – the Hickory Smoked flavor- was made with soy protein as the number one ingredient.

The other flavor – Mesquite Lime – was made with vital wheat gluten as (in the form of seitan) as the main ingredient.

I have to say, soy is the best protein for this type of product.

The Hickory Smoked Primal Strip had a pleasantly chewy mouth feel. It was meaty and satisfying. The flavor, too, was really pleasant. It was sweet and smoky. I really enjoyed this.

The only thing that would prevent me from buying this one again would be the three different types of soy used to produce this.

Now moving onto the Mesquite Lime flavor, I have to say that I don’t really like it.

The flavor does have a slight tang. It could be okay.
But, it’s not the flavor that’s so unpleasant, it’s more the texture.

Actually, it’s all about the texture.

I don’t use the word “cardboard-y” very often but that’s the first that came to my mind when I attempted to chew this.

It’s fibrous and chewy. It’s like, the more you chew it, the more it stays the same. It does not disintegrate. It’s like Mesquite flavored gum almost!

In conclusion: soy jerky is good. Seitan jerky is not good.

Sparkling Guayakí Yerba Mate Review

Wow! The OG Yerba Mate connect – Guayakí – is making it a point to transform with the times. Ie: health – friendly energy drinks available sparkling and in a can.

I purchased some smaller cans but they also had 16oz drinks available too. Honestly, the big ones probably would have been a better buy as the small cans and large cans cost the same amount.

Anyway! My excitement was HIGH when I saw these! I’m always hunting for a healthy energy drink.

Guayakí is a trusted brand and Yerba Mate is a natural source of caffeine so this was a mostly guilt-free taste test.

The first flavor I decided to try was the lower calorie one – although I didn’t pick it because it has low calories. I chose it because the flavor has sage in it! As you may know, I love sage. So it was a no-brainer.

The 15 calorie Ginger Sage flavor was okay. The lower sugar was apparent; this was not a sweet drink. But, it was bubbly!

It was probably the most refreshing beverage I’ve had that also had carbonated water in it.

Now for the part that matters most – the caffeine! This has 80 milligrams per can, about the same amount as a quality cup of coffee.

I did receive a boost from this, but it wasn’t super energy that had me ready to lift buildings.

What it did do for me was provide enough power to finish my work that day with a clear outlook.

The second flavor – grapefruit ginger – was the better one on all fronts. First it was full calories. Only 45 calories and each calorie was delicious.

The thing about these drinks is that the flavor on the can doesn’t translate very strong.

The Ginger Sage drink – while refreshing – did not taste like ginger or sage.

The Grapefruit Ginger drink was more flavorful and had the characteristic grapefruit flavor, just sweetened. I couldn’t really taste any ginger heat though so that was a little disappointing.

I guess the real question would be: would I purchase these again?

The answer is yes, I would. Sure, the caffeine is not over-powering but I don’t want it to be. Smooth, organic energy is achieved in these cans and the flavors are enjoyable – not too sweet at all and very refreshing.