Bing Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are fun. They have an unhealthy reputation but I try to stick with the healthier ones. I think Bing drinks are pretty healthy. Why? Because cherries are healthy and these include cherry juice. They also include other fruit juice sometimes and they use ginseng, too. Before I got 3 on sale, I hadContinue reading “Bing Energy Drinks”

Off The EATEN Path Crisps – Taste Review 1

Cool new snacks really get me excited. I saw 5 bags of new crisps at 7-Eleven and I was beyond excited! Out of the 5, only two were dairy-free. Thank goodness for that because they were also 3.79 a bag. I was excited to try these! I’m not particularly fond of rice snacks but theContinue reading “Off The EATEN Path Crisps – Taste Review 1”