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Blueberry Muffin and Carrot Cake Larabars

Larabars are one of the original “simple ingredient and vegan” food bars. We can’t really call these a protein bar, although Larabar does make those now.

These are solid food bars. The main ingredient tends heavily to be dates.

You know dates.. the somewhat sticky and moisture-less fruit with a seed in it. Larabars and raw/vegan pie crusts are generally the only way that I’ll eat dates. On their own, they are not my style. In desserts and natural smoothies, I can get down with them all day.

Larabars also have some kind of nuts in them as well. Usually cashews or almonds. Sometimes walnuts if we’re lucky!

Today, let’s talk about two different and tasty? flavors of Larabar!

First, the Carrot Cake.

There are real carrots in these and it’s in a good way. Carrots, being already naturally sweet, add depth to the dates that are also used.

the texture of these bars are soft, too. Softer than usual maybe. It’s all in a good way though.

The Blueberry Muffin was a little more interesting, texture wise. The almonds used added a crunch to the bars.

This blueberry bar was also more.. dry? than the carrot cake. It’s not that it was crumbly, but there was a lack of moisture.

And, that’s what makes the difference as far as which one I am likely to re-purchase again.

Because flavor-wise, they are both delicious. I enjoyed both and I’d eat either one again.

But if I had to choose, I’d go with the carrot cake flavor.

I mean, I really like carrot cake. And the texture is more like what actual carrot cake is, moist and dessert level sweetness.

The blueberry muffin bars were tasty but as far as my understanding goes, I don’t recall there being chunks of almonds in a baked muffin.

Anyway, as a side note I’d like to give a shout out to my all time favorite Larabar flavor – Pineapple Upside Down Cake! Yummm, too back they’re not sold or available anywhere near me.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Rhythm Foods Vegan Ranch Carrot Sticks Review

Rhythm SuperFoods has a good reputation when it comes to tasty non-dairy snacks. Some may even call them healthy snacks. I would.

Granted, I’ve only had 2 snacks from their brand. The Kale chips are definitely a crowd favorite -the crowd being each and every one of my taste buds. The only complaint I usually have with these offerings is that the price is a tad bit high for a serving size. But, price is mattering less and less to me as of lately.

Anyway, carrot sticks!

Being the most optimistic, it’s a super healthy offering. Dried carrots, dusted with seasoning. Not a lot of extra fluff.

Actually no fluff at all – these were pretty crunchy. I’d say more crunchy than expected. But then again, I was expecting crispy ribbons. These are curly but still sticks.

That is the only picture I captured because I was really all in this small bag. Me, being extra hungry and mostly vegan, I couldn’t get enough.

Yea, I finished the bag rather quickly.

I guess that means I enjoyed them. The re-purchase likelihood is pretty small, though.

I wasn’t crazy about the texture but more than that, I wasn’t crazy about the flavor.

Yes, the flavor disappointed me. I honestly thought they’d be heavily seasoned like the Kale chips are. But they’re not. The ranch seasoning is a light dusting that does not touch every carrot stick.

But, the bright side is that the carrot flavor is allowed to shine and shine it does.

The sweetness that carrots have is a nice flavor.

But the ranch part that was advertised? Lack luster.

RAP Snacks Chip Review – Cardi B & Lil Boosie

Finally, a chip after my own heart!

I won’t say it’s a first experience with RAP Snacks but it’s certainly the most memorable.

After the recent experience with Wicked Crisps, I was yearning for a flavorful experience. That’s where these RAP Snacks come into the light. Specifically –
Cardi B – JERK BBQ Chips and Lil Boosie’s Louisiana Heat.

These chips. These. Chips. THESE. CHIPS.

First up, I tried Cardi B’s. The bag has a caricature of her on the front and a real photo on the back. These chips are dairy-free!

They’re very good.

They’re a perfect combination of the light sweetness of jerk seasonings and a kick of heat with the BBQ flavor. They don’t hold back flavor at all, not even a little bit.

Job well done, seriously. Everyone else liked them too, even Legendary Khalifah liked them a little (he’s not crazy about spicy foods.)

Now, how about Lil Boosie’s Louisiana Heat chips?

These are what I would describe as a “slow heat”. They’re not in your face at first taste.

Legendary Khalifah even said “They’re not spicy.”
A few seconds later, he said:
“Wait. I need some water.”


The Louisiana Heat creeps up! They are very hot, in the best way possible. But not just hot, they also have great flavor.

Yeah, Lil Boosie’s chips have more heat than Cardio B’s and that’s okay. I am guaranteed to purchase both these again as I enjoy hot foods.

No whey or milk makes these a perfect choice for everyone who likes heat AND flavor.

If you don’t really like flavorful foods, these may not be for you. (Give them to me instead!)

Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds Review (2 flavors)

My concerns of the environmental sins of almond plants get pushed aside when there are new flavors to try!Nuts, like almonds, make it very easy to snack on the go. I was intrigued when I saw these new flavors: Blueberry and Wasabi & Soy Sauce.So, I’ll review these bite size flavor bombs in the order that I consumed them.First, the Blueberry Almonds were found at 7-Eleven.They’re like shimmery purple gems! So cute! But, how did they taste? Well….When I opened the package, the smell of sweet blueberry perfume-y-ness filled my nose. That’s no exaggeration; it was really pleasant.The taste of these things were just as pleasing!These Blueberry flavored almonds are really, really good!The Blueberry coating is where it’s at. Although visual aesthetics are not a reliable indication of flavor.. in this case, it is accurate.These would be a nice alternative to candy as well.Please forgive me, I don’t have a picture of the ingredients!Anyway, next we’ll cover the savory part of this review: Blue Diamond BOLD Wasabi & Soy Sauce Flavored Almonds.
It’s easy to see the flavor profile they’re going for here. But how does it add up?Well, my first impression – I was a bit skeptical because the flavored coating was about 50% less than the Blueberry Almonds.And then I tasted them!They’re good!A little spicy, a little salty.Honestly, they could have been a little more boldly flavored. A little more spicy.Or, a lot more spicy.Wasabi heat doesn’t really linger and for that fact alone I believe that these could have been more heavily seasoned.Anyway, I ate these fast. As in, in one sitting, these were inhaled into my face. It was a very tasty moment that I won’t soon forget.Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds has been a great experience to my taste buds. Thanks Blue Diamond.I’d purchase both of these snacks again, no doubt.

Wicked Crisps Chips

Shopping for snacks in Food Lion, I came across a big bunch of Wicked Crisp chips. Knowing me, I picked out the non-dairy ones and thought I would be getting a gourmet version of veggie chips.

With a name like Wicked Crisps, I assumed that there would be BOLD flavors happening in this bag. I also assumed it would be crispy like chips ought to be.

I was wrong, on both accounts. The texture first – hard and plastic-y. Maybe some people like thick and hard chips but I am not that person.

With these sturdy chips, there’s no chance they’d break off into a dip.

Both bags that I purchased – Spring Vegetable Medley and Red Curry Hummus – had this same kind of chip: thick, sturdy, dry.

The main difference would be the flavor. Take a look at this Spring Vegetable Crisp:

There was not one shake of seasoning on these things. They were dry and largely flavorless. We decided they’d be better with soup. But we were at the beach and we had no soup so we put these away and tried the Red Curry ones.

The Red Curry Chips were the same undesirable texture but they had a shake of seasoning and it was very tasty. BUT, it was also very LITE.

I enjoy a lot of seasoning with my food and snacks. These Red Curry Hummus Crisps were made for people who don’t like heavy seasonings.

I found myself mindlessly eating a lot of these chips just so I could get the flavor of the curry. That’s not a good thing.

What else can be said about these? Thank you for your offering, Wicked Crisps, but we’ll pass on em.