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Let’s get this sad holiday post out of the way right now!

I have a personal and sad holiday story to share. Pre-holiday season is the best time to share this! Getting it out now means that it won’t be weighing on me to get it out AND it won’t weigh down the holiday season posts, either 🙂

One main reason I want to share this is because the holiday season is a lonely season for many people. Possibly even some of the readers here. So I’ll share my holiday sad story so that you won’t feel alone. And maybe offer some hope.

If I can still be happy and joyous during the winter holidays, you can too! And not just during the holidays but especially during this season.

So, here it is.

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In Memory

A hard part of this whole life thing is feeling the feeling of loss from someone that you love.

I lost someone that I loved today. A kitten – less than 6 months old.

Her name was Tiger’s Eye.

I love animals, yes. But this is the first time I’ve cried from the loss of one.

As stated here, heartbreak is worse because you still want what is unavailable to you.

I cried over her burial site. I was so immensely sad that I wouldn’t get to hold her again, or that I wouldn’t see her playing in my garden anymore in real time.

The crazy part is that today, this morning, it was a fantastic day. Things are still going well. But after I cry, my entire day feels like I’ve been crying.

So, I think I’m going to lay down.

RIP to my Tiger’s Eye. Love You. Maybe now she’s my spirit animal.

Edit: I still miss her. I don’t want her to die. I miss her so much. I can’t stop crying right now. I miss her. Why do things like this have to happen. I wish I would have kept her indoors… I should have protected her . I knew she was remarkably sweet and different. I miss my cat baby.