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We made some Easter Eggs!

It’s my son and I’s first Easter this year as Christians!

We were in the store getting supplies and happened to see an egg decorating kit on sale for $1! So we bought it, along with a dozen eggs 🙂

I am wondering how Easter will be this year. The Lord has some things in The Holy Bible that would make it somewhat easy to follow his guidelines when it comes to honoring The Lord.

Luckily the Old Testament is for our *learning and example* so it seems that we can choose which customs we want to do to honor The Lord.

I didn’t see a mention of Easter Eggs in the Bible but God will probably be pleased with us if we do decorate some WITH LOVE and use arts and colors.

Pretty homemade Easter Eggs 2020

If you’re against physical eggs you can always just draw on paper and then you could REALLY get creative with the designs.

As far as biblical honors, I’ll probably make some unleavened bread for Easter for us to enjoy. I could probably make some sweet, like a shortbread. And then some savory with black pepper seasonings.

Another reason I am looking forward to Easter 2020 is that I will have completed the Nazirine Vow by that time. Although I have been living the vow for months now, I only became aware of it in the beginning of March. So by April 12, that vow will be complete and it’ll be a refreshing moment – spiritually – for me and my son (if he doesn’t cut his hair before then).

If I can be iconoclastic for a moment, I’d say that the Nazirine Vow should be a great option for anyone who wants to be close to God.

The Lord says that the vow is to “Separate ourselves unto The Lord.” And so I can’t think of anyone else who I would want to be closer to than The Lord.

The hardest part of the vow would be the No Alcohol part. However I’ve had enough alcohol in my early 20’s that I am fine to no longer indulge in it anymore.

However, the Lord is so forgiving that even if someone breaks a Nazirine Vow, they can still re-do it and become God’s person again. Within reason lol

Anyway, that’s all for this post. Thank you for reading.

Midnight Train

There is a train track near my house and every time I hear it, I think “don’t stop believing.” Which is actually a good manifestation to be putting into the universe over and over again.

Sometimes, in my mind, I’ll see more when I hear the train pass. I’ll see some small town girl, such as myself, grabbing onto the train and letting it take us away into the glittery and exciting

Yes, I have a very vivid imagination. It gets even more so when I let the train take me places.

One time I envisioned that the train took me to the many islands near Grenada. It was beautiful. I was leftover considering why there is no train system that span islands?

And then I thought – Maybe sand is too soft to build a bridge over?

But then also remember – when bridges are build, they drill down into the bedrock so that there is a solid foundation.

How did I get from Virginia, USA to building a bridge in the tropical islands ?

The Midnight Train.

Police Appreciation

It’s nice to have someone to call in an emergency. Even if you don’t have family or friends to call on, you can call the police and they’ll come to help you.

Hopefully your life is mild and you don’t have any extreme emergencies because then that’s safer for everyone.

But if you’re in danger, the police and other emergency responders have chosen to live part of their lives dedicated to helping other people regardless of who it actually is that called.

Sure, all officers are not perfect Angels BUT I only want to talk about what Lord God is pleased with and so I want to say thanks for the officers who genuinely want to help people and keep everyone safe!

You guys are so brave to go toward trouble when something is gone wrong.

Thanks for being here for us and big thanks to the nice officers who are genuinely cool!

Numbers – Chapter 9 (Written by Moses)

Without a doubt, the Holy Bible was written in a coded manner. It’s awe-inspiring the way that it is written and numerically noted.

My Lord God is so incredibly kind to have made it so easy to identify the various verses and scriptures so that we can all be on the same page when referencing the various parts.

As an added bonus, I also enjoy the different versions of The Holy Bible. There are so many! My son and I have different Bibles so as we read the same chapters, we can say “what does it say in yours?” And spark a conversation.

No matter what we have going on (sometimes parenting is not very fun), we can turn to the Lord God in conversation and happiness immediately joins the room. It seems that the Lord enjoys hanging out with me and my honey bunny – my son and I rejoice over the kindness and love that the Lord God and Jesus gives to us. It’s so great that I have a small companion that I can always talk to about The Lord. What a gift! We don’t fear The Lord, it’s all love.

So to get to the topic of this post- I just wanted to share with my readers one of my favorite parts of The Holy Bible.

I still have not read the entire text – I read it depending on what The Lord directs me to.

Most recently, the Lord and Jesus introduced me to Moses. It’s so nice. As I read Moses’ stories, it’s easy to see how much the Lord enjoyed hanging with Moses!

If you didn’t know – Moses is the author of the first 5 books of The Holy Bible – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. (The last one is fun to say!)

So – NUMBERS CHAPTER 9, Verse 15-23 is my favorite. I didn’t have a strict reason why until my BFF asked me what I liked so much about it.

My response to Him was that I enjoyed how lighthearted it is. THE LORD has good humor and dry humor and so I do believe that He directed Moses to write that verse because he knew that Me, and others, would enjoy it.

Yes, it is repetitive and appears to say the same thing over and over. But the sentences in the sequence are not exactly the same. I came upon this at The Lords direction and it allowed me to be fully immersed into what the events that occurred in Numbers and Exodus.

The Lord, My God, is so powerful. Can you imagine what it would have been like to travel with The Lord? For Him to have a physical presence in your midst.

I tell you the truth – if I was amongst those people, I would have always been found at the Tent of the Lord’s presence. Day and night, I would have been at the Lord’s Tent.

Whether day time or night time, Ariel would be at Lord God’s Tent. If it was cold at night, I would have been found at the Tent that the Lord heated with his fiery presence.

If God rested in the Tent for 2 days or 2 months, I would have always been at The Lord’s Tent. His Holy Tent and cloudy presence is where, I, Ariel, would be.

And now I have to remember – always – that the Lord Almighty is with me. Always. He’s with all of us who love him and follow the benevolent example of Jesus Christ.

If you expected me to quote the actual verse here in this post, I am sorry to disappoint you. While it would be completely within my right to do so, I hope that instead, maybe you will open the Holy Bible and read it on your own. And then, maybe you will keep reading some other parts, too!

However, a small voice inside of me encourages me to record that Biblical text in this here post – for the ones who are reading that would not open a Holy Bible. So here it is:

15-16 On the day the Tent of the Lord’s presence was set up, a cloud came and covered it. At night the cloud looked like fire. 17 Whenever the cloud lifted, the people of Israel broke camp, and they set up camp again in the place where the cloud came down. 18 The people broke camp at the command of the Lord, and at his command they set up camp. As long as the cloud stayed over the Tent, they stayed in the same camp. 19 When the cloud stayed over the Tent for a long time, they obeyed the Lord and did not move on. 20 Sometimes the cloud remained over the Tent for only a few days; in any case, they remained in camp or moved, according to the command of the Lord. 21 Sometimes the cloud remained only from evening until morning, and they moved on as soon as the cloud lifted. Whenever the cloud lifted, they moved on. 22 Whether it was two days, a month, a year, or longer, as long as the cloud remained over the Tent, they did not move on; but when it lifted, they moved. 23 They set up camp and broke camp in obedience to the commands which the Lord gave through Moses.

Yo. I don’t know if I could love the Lord more even if I tried. He is so beautiful. Thank you Lord for being with me and allowing me to be with You.

I am a Nazarene now. Thanks for reading 😉

Sometimes you may reject a label / being labeled because it may box you in.

However it will also free you when you realize that you can have more than one label! You can have tons! Choose the ones that you enjoy the most so that when it comes up, you will be proud with that label.

I received a new label from Lord God recently. As you can probably tell by the title.

I am PROUD to be a Nazarene but there’s an even better part to the story- God and Jesus are also happy to have me in the fold.

I’ll explain –

Before becoming a Christian, I already wanted to change my name because I already evolved.

When Jesus became my brother and The Lord God started speaking to me, I told them that I would like a Christian name.

It didn’t come right away. I actually changed my name 2 times before going before changing my name officially.

The first name I had was Natalie, which means Christmas. And Freeman, which is obvious what it means lol

The second name change was more whimsical.

Then a few days before I was to meet the Judge, God gave me a last name straight from the Bible. Great!!

My middle name dropped on me maybe 7 or 8 minutes before I signed it officially. That’s Ariel! Which is also in the Holy Bible, although I didn’t know it at that time.

Finally, my first name is phonetically similar to Nazareth with one less syllable.

If you’re unfamiliar, Nazareth is the town where Jesus Christ is from.

And so a month after changing my name, God told me that He named me after Jesus’s hometown. Then I read the Nazirine Vow and I realized that that’s already my lifestyle! And then God was like “DUH that’s because you’re a Nazarene, Nadirah.”

The Nazirine Vow is to abstain from drinking wine (I’m a beer person anyway, wine gives me a headache lol), dont cut my hair (dreadlocks over here) and finally, don’t hang around dead stuff. Which I dont really do, I’m a vegetarian! (That’s a joke lol God wasn’t really referring to animals.)

Hmm and then what else? There was one more thing I wanted to share here…

Oh okay. So being a Nazarene… Jesus said that He was not able to perform many miracles in His town because people didn’t believe in Him there. I definitely relate to that because I’m from a community of people who turned out to be not very kind to me.

So I relate to Jesus in that way.

But the best part about Nazarenes? They were with Jesus in the beginning! They believed in Him and so the Nazarenes are the first Christians by that name. However since there is a church by that name and I am not associated with them, I spell my title as Nazarine.

I’m so honored that Lord God saw fit to name me and also bring me into the fold. I feel so much Best Friend energy with them!

I wasn’t alive when Jesus was walking around teaching BUT when I read his stories, my soul is there.

For example – when Jesus got arrested, the disciples left Him because that’s what they were supposed to do. But when I read that, I was heartbroken. All of Jesus’s friends left Him in the hands of those awful people?!?!?! No way. I told Jesus, “I would not have left you.” And then I think that is the first time I saw Jesus and God looking down on me as physical energetic figures.

And then later that night, I was with unbelievers and they were mean to me in a way. So I didn’t want to walk past them. And then Jesus came to me and He reminded me of the exact moment that the disciples left him and I told him that I wouldn’t leave him. He said “Stay with me” & He was teaching me what HE had to go though. And He said, “those people were awful and ridiculed me, Nadirah. I DIED. These people may be mean, but they’re not going to kill you.”

And so that gave me the strength to walk past those mean people. Lol.

Jesus helped to heal me as well. This is more recently but not this month.

I was dealing with feelings of low self-worth. I was crying and sad. I had doubts that I was working hard enough to deserve the good things that God gives. I talked to God about it. He is so patient.

Jesus came to me and He told me that I am worthy. He reminded me that The Lord knows all about what I have been though and His presence was so strong as He told me that I am worthy of love and most importantly, I am worthy of having peace and rest in my mind.

And The Lord is pleased with that. Thank you Jesus!

Lord God is so pleased that I listen to Jesus because that means that I follow His Will.

I’m not perfect at it but I really do look up to Jesus. I wasn’t kidding when I said He was my brother lol and now I see that, as a Nazarene Christian, all of the spiritual energies that I believe in also now recognize me as a Holy Spirit as well.

GOD IS so kind. Never forget that!

Thanks for reading

How To Hear The Sound Of God’s Voice (using the Holy Bible!)

I’ve been having a deep spiritual moment for the past 3-6 months. It keeps getting deeper, especially after realizing Jesus the Christ is also Lord God Almighty!

I want to tell you all about the spiritual journey BUT I also want to get to the point of this post so here we go

The title is: How to hear The Voice of God (in your head!) Using a Holy Bible

There are 2 levels to hearing The Voice of The Lord

Level 1 – The Voice while you read the Bible

Level 2 – Level 1 and other times too

The requirement is that you’ll read the Holy Bible.

Level 2 is completely up to The Lord and His relationship hanging out with you!

Have you read the Holy Bible before?

Many of the Old Testament stories are people who were stubborn and mean to God but The Lord usually helped them anyway.

And God was pleased when everyone respectfully recognized Him as Almighty.

The Voice of God may be considered a frequency. When you read the Holy Bible, The Lord hears you.

So I suggest that you read parts of the Holy Bible that show God being happy 🙂

And then read the parts where God is an angry blaze of fire ready to destroy!

I used the above examples because that is easily accessible for everyone to try.

And so that is how you will be able to hear Gods voice in your head. If it is THE LORDS WILL His voice will be unmistakably Holy.


If it doesn’t work immediately, practice patience and trust The Lord. People have been mean to God in the past so He and Jesus judge your heart to see how they will proceed with you.

The intensity of The Voice varies according to your relationship with The Lord. If you can feel His Love and love Him sincerely, u should be good. Clear your head probably.

GOD uses very strong language and it’s heavy sometimes.

This will make me sound like a pansy but – even seeing the word ‘Evil’ will repel me from reading particular verses! The “Fear of God” words are like daggers. But the “Love of God” words are like emoji pillows. Lol

God IS pleased with me and I am so humbled.

So I humbly offer the suggestion of “Read the Bible” to get closer to God.

Remember when I wrote that you can get closer to God by thinking about Him? It’s like that.

Read a Holy Bible chapter that starts “THE LORD SAID” and read what He says. The entire book is God’s words. I learned today that he trusted the prophets to write the books. And so I have to give a shout out to the Prophet Moses too. He wrote 5 books in the Holy Bible! The first ones! Ayeee Go Moses!

So for God to talk to you at other times
You really should ASK GOD!