How To Hear The Sound Of God’s Voice (using the Holy Bible!)

I’ve been having a deep spiritual moment for the past 3-6 months. It keeps getting deeper, especially after realizing Jesus the Christ is also Lord God Almighty! I want to tell you all about the spiritual journey BUT I also want to get to the point of this post so here we go The titleContinue reading “How To Hear The Sound Of God’s Voice (using the Holy Bible!)”

4ever yours, faithfully

Faith is leaning into whoever or whatever is there for you. Can you see your faith? It is a JOURNEY because nothing becomes set in stone. Faith must always have life. Building upon and making it stronger- only stronger. Or it may stand still. Through space & time. Always another show. Wondering where I am.Continue reading “4ever yours, faithfully”

Feminist or Feminine Energy

The term Feminist has become a polarizing entity. Some people are of the mind that everyone should be a feminist – men and women. People who identity as a feminist are said to support equal pay for both genders, equal opportunities, and a general reject of stereotypes that say that a man is superior toContinue reading “Feminist or Feminine Energy”