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3 Things About Me

While it may seem self-serving to do a “about me” post, I think that I’m important enough to share some of my core values with my dear readers.

After all, if we are to trust each other… Or, if you are to trust me to bring you accurate information… Then keeping it real about my personal views is non-negotiable.

I do want to say that I have deep love for Easy Light Sources readers and supporters. You guys keep me inspired and you’re Easy Light Sources for me, just as I provide Easy Light Sources for you!

It may seem like I’ll only talk about my good qualities but in the effort of being transparent, I’ll also provide the “down side”, if any, to the following 3 personality traits.

Okay, here we go!


This Star Believes That Anything is Possible!

Some ideas seem so far fetched that it’s easy to dismiss it as impossible.

I don’t really live in the realm of impossibility.

While I may not have the physical means to create whatever it is, I’ll go there with you.

Whatever topic you being to me, I’ll go there with you.

I enjoy talking about stuff and I learn some thing every time.

The downside to this is that I don’t always have the thought energy to do this.

When my son asks me a million “what if the grass was lava” questions, I don’t always have a creative answer for him.

But I will have a realistic answer. That’s just not always fun.

Either way, I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, I do believe in magic.


Getting Enough Rest Is Top Priority

Yeah, sleep is an Easy Light Source. No doubt about it, no doubt at all.

But I’m talking about more than sleep, real quick.

And also, “enough rest” is different for everyone. And rest requirements mean different things at different times.

But whatever it is, getting enough of it is essential to being at peak life effectiveness.

Not only do you stay sharp, you also learn new things when you’re allowed time to really unwind.

If you do want to talk about sleep, it’s no secret that I do love sleeping.

Someone asked me what was my favorite thing to do and I answered “sleep”. Perhaps that’s an odd answer but I haven’t found a better way to relax.

Only through sleeping am I really able to rest completely.

Unless, of course, my dreams are particularly active.

Dreams though, they are also an interesting experience. I have big opinions on them which I purposely keep off of EasyLightSources.org.

But if you’re into it, dream interpretation of symbols can be pretty insightful.

The downside to needing so much rest is that I am at a disadvantage when I don’t get enough sleep.

Not sleeping enough pulls down my immune system into depths that are not cured by simply getting enough sleep.

When I sleep and take naps, I can come off as lazy – especially by those who don’t know who I am and what my purpose is.

And also, I can be a little cranky when I didn’t get enough rest.

But, I will say that sleep deprivation has a big and specific advantage for me. As long as it doesn’t go on for longer than…say.. 3 days.


I Struggle With Being A Leader

There is a big amount of confidence
That comes with leadership.

Something I’ve noticed is that a real leader leads no matter what. Intentionally or not.

It’s not always about telling people what to do.

For me, sometimes I’ve noticed that I can do something weird for a very specific reason…. But instead of it being a one-off situation, my behavior will be emulated for some odd reason.

That’s happened enough for me to check my own behavior more often. I won’t do certain things if I wouldn’t want someone to copy me.

All of this happened before I became a mom. But now that I have a son, I am more conscious of it than ever. It’s one thing for adults to copy me but when it comes to children, their consciousness is more impressionable and that carries a responsibility.

The downside obviously is that it’s annoying to do something and then have everyone else think that they can do it too.

Although, because of this, I should feel more confident stepping up when I need to. When a situation obviously needs someone to offer an example of guidance, if I should feel comfortable offering that guidance.

Maybe I will someday soon.

Thanks for reading, you guys!

The Stars Say…

Hey! The Stars represented here are the sparkly ones in the sky. They look down on Earth and from their view, they’re able to give unbiased advice to us.

So here we go.

Message 1 – Healing

You’re going to walk into different experiences in life, that’s just the way it is.

You’ll enter these experiences as either a healed individual or a damaged individual.

A healed individual will likely have the best experience because there is no negativity seeping into the situation.

The same situation will have a different result if you enter into it damaged and hurting. Those two things breed stress and anxiety and general unpleasantness.

The future is brighter when there is peace present.

You can channel peace through self-care.

We can go into further detail if needed but right now we have to move on.

Message 2 – Thoughts

Why does bad news spread faster than good news? The same reason why children are starving, people are poor and Amazon made a billion dollars in 2018 without paying one penny in taxes.

Some of the rules that we play by are skewed and diseased.

Gossip and envy are in that category.

Talking about other people outwardly. Or thinking about other people privately is not a good use of your thought energy.

At one time past, thinking good for other people was okay. And praying for people is still nice, but…

Now, it’s better to use your thought energy on ways that you can move forward. Or, on ways that you can elevate yourself into better, more light-hearted energy.

The Stars realize that celebrity culture is designed for many people to fail at this. After all, “it’s better to be talked badly about then not talked about at all”. Right?

No! Lol. Stop spreading bad news about other people. And be careful spreading other people’s good news. And, be careful about spreading your own good news too!

Okay, lastly +

Message 3 – Achieve!

The best thing that we can do is to reach our goals. Give yourself something to be proud of.

I, the writer here, am slightly sad that my readership is so low. It means to me that not many will receive these Star Messages.

But, the stars tell me that I should be proud that I have been chosen to speak for them. They say that obtaining my spiritual name + Star Khalifah + is something to be proud of.


It’s not all about completing milestones set by society. Although, it is part of it since we live here.

Pursue things that you have to work for. And those things that make you feel good. And don’t be shy about telling others after you’ve done it. You’ll be inspiring someone and you’ll be raising the value of life here on Earth.

Just don’t hurt anyone.

And don’t shy away from accolades and popularity that may come.

Accept yourself and what you’ve done.

Stop worrying about people who don’t have the same goals as you.

Do you want to be one of the millions that gossip and hurt others because they are damaged? Or do you want to be proud of yourself? The choice is yours.