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McIntosh Apples

Apples are pretty well universally accepted as a solid fruit.

Physically, yes they’re solid. But, they’re also always available and come in an impressive amount of variety.

One bite of a McIntosh apple highlights what makes these stand out from the others. They’re really soft. So soft, they seem to be perfect for making applesauce. I wouldn’t recommend making a pie with them, lol.

The peeling is different as it can actually peel off the apple with your fingers.

Yes, they’re sweet and juicy too.

Some apples keep well for possibly weeks and weeks. McIntosh Apples do not. Only buy these apples when you anticipate the entire bag to be eaten within 1-3 days.

The soft flesh, I think, contributes to the ease of decay.

However, they are super delicious nonetheless.

Peaches and Nectarines


The numerous sweet and savory options that are available when it comes to peach stone fruit often go over looked when this fruit is in season. That’s because they taste satisfyingly sweet when they are in their peak and are usually eaten as a whole fruit, as-is. They’re usually cheap too. If you’re going to stock up on them, make sure to purchase a mix of various ripeness so that they are not all ready to eat at the same time. (Unless you are planning on preparing/serving them all at once).

If they’re not in season, they will be disappointing. However, if you like peaches that are textured like apples then off-season is a good time to buy.

White flesh peaches, yellow peaches, Carolina peaches… they’re all good when they’re ripe and ready. Try the different varieties and find your favorite.

Donut peaches are equivalent to peaches with a birth defect. They are not supposed to come donut shaped but if you want them, they’re usually sold in a plastic clamshell package (please recycle!)

There’s nothing wrong with eating the skin but it can be a choking hazard for children so please peel before serving to little ones.