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I’m Proud Of This Cake

Okay so this isnt the most groundbreaking post but I want to submit it into Easy Light Sources history.

For my sons birthday, I made him the most Amazingly delicious cake ever :

He said that he wanted a Vanilla Strawberry Cake so thats what he got!

I added extra extra vanilla to the cake batter and some vanilla to the frosting, too.

Everyone enjoyed this cake TBH. It wasn’t soft and delicate like a boxed cake mix tends to be. This one was made from scratch with vegan ingredients and it’s a solid CAKE.

He also cut his own cake and got the biggest slice! Hooray!

I also made some cupcakes with the same batter, which I allowed the boys to add colorful gel frosting designs to.

On a side note, I do feel particularly blessed that I’m able to make my son whatever cake he requests! That’s cool. Lucky for all of us: he has good taste 🙂