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Be Prepared For Sensational News!

Quick question: do you tend to expect the best to happen – or the worst? I’m guilty of expecting the worst sometimes. For example, my favorite song from The Lion King is Be Prepared. But, since the song is about plotting a double murder, I would wonder – does it reflect on me that I enjoy a song about a murder?

Now, yeah, that’s pretty unreasonable for a number of reasons. One – “What’s your favorite song from The Lion King?” is a question that no one asks me. Two – The Lion King is an award winning movie. Of course I am not the only one who loves this song. And I would never judge another person for loving it so why should I expect that kind of judgment..

Instead, what if I just enjoyed the song? ( I do! Very flamboyantly as a matter of fact, lol)

We always have dual ways that we can view a situation. The good, optimistic view. Or the pessimistic, depressing perspective.

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