Adventures in Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a diverse vegetable! The best ❤️ Here are some things I recently did with a head of cauliflower: First I had some fun with it 🌍 Then I separated the florets because I wanted this photo to look this way but also because the cauliflower is getting the roasted treatment. After this photoContinue reading “Adventures in Cauliflower”

Why Chocolatey Oatmeal

I had some chocolate oatmeal. Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut oatmeal, to be exact. To answer the title, it’s for people who enjoy it. It also exists for people who feel guilty eating desserts so they combine it with oatmeal to make it ~healthy. The list of things I enjoy in this oatmeal happen to beContinue reading “Why Chocolatey Oatmeal”


Oh, how I love pears; let me count the ways : They’re so juicy! No peeling necessary Variety of textures A colorful selection Here are the top three found in the grocery store: Red pears are SWEET but be careful, they’ll get mushy if they’re over ripe. Bosc Pears are a favorite to many.. checkContinue reading “Pears”

Lift Off Energy Review + Video

The search of health-friendly energy drinks has lead me to Lift Off Effervescent Energy Tablets by Herbalife. I have no associations with Herbalife and I receive no benefits for this review. My opinions come exclusively from purchasing this product and trying it on my own accord. I felt the need to say that because IContinue reading “Lift Off Energy Review + Video”