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Adventures in Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a diverse vegetable! The best ❀️ Here are some things I recently did with a head of cauliflower:

First I had some fun with it 🌍

Then I separated the florets because I wanted this photo to look this way but also because the cauliflower is getting the roasted treatment.

After this photo I processed it a little further and added to a casserole dish with ingredients:

If you like raw food, the cauliflower food above is ready to eat!

But I had other plans so I roasted in the oven until it cooked like this:

Soooo gooooood you can eat it just like this!

Or you can make into a pasta sauce like I did :

Sorry no pics of the process but for the sauce I blended the roasted cauliflower with almond milk, coconut oil, the spices used in the baked cauliflower, and non-dairy butter. Heat the milk and melt the butter with the other ingredients before combining.

The kale was sauteed well and the mushrooms were a very special treat that only I enjoyed because no one else really eats them. But if you like mushrooms, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

This was a fun one! Wonder what’s next on the food adventure..

Beautiful Beets

Beets are gorgeous!

Not everyone likes beets but they are way more approachable than they appear.

Even people who like beets may not eat them because they can be a pain to prepare. They’ll dye your fingers red. That’s not cool. However, I found out that cooking them before peeling them make the coloring more like a washable marker than a permanent one πŸ™‚

I was pleased to find tgese available. They’re small-ish in size (a little larger than a golf ball), hard like a potato, and the leaves and stems were still kind of vibrant. That’s a win to me!

First, after washing, I removed the stems and admired their beauty. So vibrant and beautiful. ❀️

And then I cooked the beets by boiling them in some water. The water turned red!

I boiled the beets until they were fork tender. Then drained and let them cool until I could hold them in my hand.

When you can hold it, then you can peel it.

I used my hands but you can also rub them with a paper towel. They peel veryyyyy easily. And then they look like this:

I sliced them for ease of use.

My camera phone does not accurately portray the vibrant color of this Earth Food.

By this point, I knew I was going to make the beets into a pasta sauce of sorts. So, in a pot I heated about 2 cups of water, some salt, garlic powder, sauteed onions, olive oil and a little agave.. On the side, I boiled some angel hair pasta.

Using my blender, I processed the water mix and the beets until they got as smooth as I could. In spite of my intentions, the finished sauce was NOT silky smooth. Its all good though.

I combined it with the angel hair pasta.

And some broccoli on the side to round it all out.

It was SO good. 4 people have had it so far. The reviews are in:

1 – “It’s so tasty!”

2 – “I think I finally found a way that I like to eat beets!”

3 – A six year old boy cleaned his plate!

4 – I’m the 4th person and I love beets anyway so this was definitely my thing.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional pasta sauces, this one comes highly recommended.