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Pie Pumpkin Cutting [video]

Peace you guys 🎃

Around this time of the year, pumpkins are all over the place. They’re in patches, in just about every department of the grocery store.. I think I even saw a gun with pumpkin spice bullets. No lie. Is it getting out of control?

No way! Pumpkins (and other squash) are good for us 🙂 make a meal of it and you’ll have a healthy dose of anti-oxidants to last through the week 🎃

Something else awesome about pumpkin season? We all have permission to over use this emoji 🎃🎃🎃

There’s a post coming up soon about some good fall recipes (plant-based, of course!)

To get properly ready for it, you gotta know how to cut a pumpkin. No canned stuff over here! (Well maybe a little because there was a can of organic pumpkin on sale for one dollar!) 🎃

Here’s a video I made showing how I slice a very manageable sized pie pumpkin.

And also with a bonus that no one asked for!: my thoughts on Halloween/All Hallows Eve :)🎃 enjoy ⬇⬇⬇




Due to their super affordable price and year-long availability, banana’s are a staple of every plant based eater’s diet. Even if you don’t necessarily like the taste, the other benefits that come with bananas make them more of a dietary friend than a foe.

Convenience is one of the top positives about bananas. They come in their own container, which is a plus when you need something to grab and go.

When you are hungry, a banana will usually be there for you.

Buying Bananas:

How often do you eat banana’s? Consider that question when buying them.

Green banana’s are not ripe or even nutritionally sound. People who claim to like green bananas are eating more starch than anything else. If you buy green banana’s with the intention of letting them ripen, that’s okay. Just keep in mind that they can 4-7 days to turn the sweet, spotty yellow.

Burro Banana’s

According to Dr. Sebi, these are the real, true bananas and the best ones to consume. Burro bananas can be left to ripen and eaten like regular bananas. However, because of the texture, they can also be fried like plantains.