Anything is Possible and That’s Too Many Possibilities

If anything is possible then I’d like to enter the realm where the issues that plague me are no longer possible.

No longer possible as in – I don’t want it to exist.

But as long as anything is possible then those plaguing obstacles will always be a possible outcome.

No thank you.

Anything is possible, meaning everything is possible.

That’s too many options. Like when there are a million choices of ice cream, it takes a while to choose which you like.

You will probably end up choosing several flavors and also trying some new flavors that are disgusting but they are there so you’ll try it any way.

All those possibilities make it hard to choose one that you like.

Anything is possible in life? How do you choose which possibility to work towards? Yes, work is needed to take it from a possibility to a reality.

Choose the right one and the struggles that come with it will be worth it.

Choose the wrong one and you’ve been working in vain. You’ll have to choose another possibility to bring into reality.

With the right possibility, the mistakes your life contains will all start to go away.

The key to anything is possible is to narrow it down. Narrow it so far down that only what best serves you is possible. Live with that delusion and the eternal optimist within you will breathe a sigh of relief.

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