W.h.o.a Cocoa is a non-profit organization to uplift the Black community worldwide.

This is an organization for our people. Whoa Cocoa will reflect us working with other Black people, celebrating their greatness all over the globe.

Whoa Cocoa is a social welfare organization, promoting community unliftment with different programs designed to make an impact on different parts of life.

The goal is to have W.h.o.a Cocoa as a official registered NGO (non government organization).

The starting list of programs are:

  1. WHOA Agriculture
  2. WHOA Earth
  3. WHOA Dreams
  4. WHOA Legacy
  5. WHOA Corporate
  6. WHOA Spotlight

WHOA Agriculture

  • Free Fruits and Vegetables to the community!
  • Promoting local Earth Foods
  • Learning environmental trades (local and abroad)
  • Community gardens

WHOA Earth

  • Environmental awareness
  • Addressing environmental issues
  • Recycling
  • Ocean conservation
  • Promoting health and care for the Earth

WHOA Dreams

This is a big one!

  • A BIG BIG part of Whoa Cocoa is to encourage others to use the natural skills and talents that they enjoy. Hopefully to turn into something substantial that can save their world.
  • Supporting [Black-owned] Businesses
  • Support for creating businesses

WHOA Legacy

Here is where we honor the ancestors.

  • Celebrating birthdays of those who have left positive contributions to the Earth.
  • Honoring our own personal ancestors
  • Community and healing for those who are dealing with loss.

WHOA Corporate

  • Supporting workers rights through corporate accountability
  • Working with businesses on human relations

WHOA Spotlight

  • Celebrating the Friends of Whoa Cocoa
  • Promoting positive images of small business owners


Donate to W.H.O.A COCOA

Donations to W.h.o.a Cocoa will help support our goals and dreams and also will help us to become incorporated in the state of Virginia. Thank you so much 🙂


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